Pakistan to Involve Separatists before the Indo-Pak NSA Talk India

The tangled issues of National Security, which were going to be discussed on August 23 and 24 are facing a new swivel. The Pakistani government has made it crystal clear to talk to separatist’s moments before the high-level NSA talks. “The discussion thereafter will be futile if Pakistan is meeting the separatists ahead of the NSA talks” quoted a BJP leader. BJP is apoplectic on the repetition of such event, earlier the same was done dur ing Vajpayee’s government, and the talks were called off. The party has reiterated to the guests, that this talk concerns the Anti-terror issues and in no link arise the Kashmir issue.

The ceasefire has been violated 47 times in August alone by Pakistani border forces. It leaves no ground for taking “Soft lines” in terror talks. “Pakistani’s High-Commissioner has crossed all lines of diplomatic etiquette by being a part of such provoking activities”, said former foreign minister Yashwant Sinha and demanded the talks to be called off immediately as it do not bear any successful results after such a disagreeable decision have been made. Kashmiri separatist leaders have a history of being pro-terrorists and have a history of helping them.

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