OPD services stalled by IMA strike, protests by doctors from various states.

Expressing reservations over the government granting surgery to Aruveda students, the Indian Medical Association started a nationwide strike from Friday morning which would continue till 6 pm. During this time the OPD service has been completely stopped.

The Indian Medical Association is on strike on today (December 11) across the country. Under this, there will be no treatment done except emergency services from 6 am to 6 pm today. During this period, all non-emergency and Non-Covid medical services will be closed. “Modern medicine is controlled and research-based, we are proud of the heritage and prosperity of Ayurveda, but the two should not be mixed,” said Dr R. Sharma, National President of IMA.

In Guwahati, Kerala and Assam, IMA members and doctors protested against the Centre’s ordinance. The doctors of Amritsar are also opposing this decision of the Center. A doctor said, ‘We demand the return of this ordinance. We are doing treatment of Covid-19 patients and emergency cases today. In Gujarat, members of the Ahmedabad Medical Association are protesting against the ordinance given by the Central Government to students of Ayurveda.

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