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Nitish Kumar ordered action against policemen and magistrates deployed on examination duty

Nitish Kumar ordered action against policemen and magistrates deployed on examination duty



Reacting on the summon by the court to the Education Department, to appear before the court on next Friday to respond on the cheating incident, Nitish Kumar ordered legal action against the policemen and magistrates deployed on examination duty, if found guilty.

A division bench of Chief Justice L Narasimha Reddy and Justice Vikash Jain took the state government to task over report of mass scale copying in the matriculation examination.

The court instruction came after senior lawyer and office bearer of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the state Basant Kumar Chaudhary drew its attention by showing a newspaper report.

The issue:

Parents and entire families were seen to be setting out for centres where the board examinations are being held. While students were taking the exam, their friends and family were climbing over school building walls to pass chits and help students copy.


What is that needs to be looked upon?

There are talks about action being taken against the authorities, but it’s equally important to take action against the students and parents who were involved in mass cheating.

Not mere actions will solve the problem:

It’s very important for the state government to aware the students and their parents, about the actions which they committed were not going to help the students in long run. They may this way pass the examination now but ‘what about their future?’ ‘Will they be the youth icon of developing India?’ Is it that the only state is responsible for the incident and not the students and their parents themselves? It’s a question people in the state should ask their selves and if no that, state should in a way have a better system to conduct the examinations.

A total of 14.26 lakh students from Bihar were appearing for the exams at 1,217 centres in the state that started on March 17. The examination would end on March 24.

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