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Modi warns his party to keep their mouth sealed on sensitive socio cultural issues that can trigger controversies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s disappointment with Bharatiya Janata Party was quite visible when on Sunday he asked his party leaders not to exaggerate facts to Indian media on sensitive issues like the spate of rapes witnessed by the country recently. As such irresponsible comments on such issues can have an immense impact on the country. He clearly stated that these “mistakes” would hamper the party’s image to a great degree. The Hindu reported that Modi made a firm statement on how leaders should behave keeping in mind the principle of everyone’s benefit and happiness.

He made his statement after some BJP leaders made few remarks on why India being such a big nation should not be so terrified by few incidents of rape. He via a video chat through the Narendra Modi mobile app from his residence at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg said that although BJP leaders often blame the media for exaggeration of facts, their own mistakes often pave the way for Indian media to add ‘masala’ to the news. Thus he warned the leaders that they must refrain themselves from commenting on every socio-political or cultural issue which gives media the opportunity to make it “catchy” by adding “masala” to it.

He, thus, firmly issued a gag order aimed at keeping the mouth of his party members sealed. Modi stressed that only those people who have been endowed with the responsibility of putting their views on a particular topic should interact with the media. He further added that when everyone starts speaking on the same topic the main issue gets diverted without yielding any fruitful results.

However, controversial remarks made by his party members were not explicitly censured by Modi which again sparked outrage. In order to maintain the party’s media image, he neither endorsed nor rejected the controversial positions of BJP leaders on various subjects and ensured that the party members would keep their thoughts to themselves.

Modi also discussed the upcoming assembly election that would be held in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh respectively.

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