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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Missing flight MH370 Anniversary

Missing flight MH 370 Anniversary

The relatives of the passengers who were on-board Missing flight MH370 which went missing a year ago attended the first anniversary of since their disappearance at a mall in Kuala Lumpur. It was hosted by a support group called Voice 370.

Missing flight MH 370 Anniversary1

China, Malaysia and Australia are still continuing their effort to search the missing plane. Expert believe that by the time flight MH370 stopped responding they were somewhere around the southern Indian Ocean. The Australian rescue team has so far covered 43% of the 60,000 km priority zone

The rescue teams led by China Malaysia and Australia are hopeful of finding the missing plane. Families of the missing passengers are still awaiting the interim investigation report. Many of the missing passengers were from China.

Ever since the Boeing 777 plane along with its 239 passengers went missing, there have been countless accounts of conspiracy theory assumptions made by many. Some of the relatives of the passengers are even offering a reward of $3 million to anyone who can provide them with relevant details as they believe the government is not giving them the full report.

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