Lockdown extended till 30 September in Jharkhand, but buses will run, shopping malls, hotels and salons will open

Ranchi: The state government on Friday announced the extension of the lockdown period in the state to 30 September with relaxation in many services. The order has been issued in this regard with the signature of the Chief Secretary. Under this order, the candidates are kept free from various restrictions during the lockdown. In the said period, only the admit card of the candidates coming from other states will be considered as an entry pass. If a candidate from other states comes to take the exam in Jharkhand.

However, it is mandatory for everyone to wear a facemask in public places. Six feet of social distancing will also be necessary. Those who come from outside to Jharkhand will have to stay in Home Qurrentine as before. In public places, the prohibition will be applicable to spitting in addition to drinking alcohol and eating tobacco. In the areas that have been allowed to open, it will be mandatory to follow the central and state government guidelines. Those who ignore the rule will be punished.

Bus operators have to follow the rules

About 10 thousand buses ply in the state. Of these, about seven thousand are operated inside the state. In this, all have to follow the standard operating system (SOP) of the transport department. Under this, sanitizing buses, wearing personnel masks and gloves, stopping the stoppage of buses, 20 passengers in 30-seat buses, 22 passengers in 25-seat buses, and about 25 passengers in 50-seat buses only. Will be allowed to go It will be necessary to sanitize the buses after every trip. There will also be punitive action against the rules.

  • Relief given to the candidates of competitive examinations from the rules of Qurrentine, for those coming from other states, the admit card will be the entry pass
  • Face mask required in public places, social distancing must be followed
  • People coming to Jharkhand from outside will have to stay in Home Qurrentine as before.
  • Drinking and spitting liquor, and tobacco in public places will be banned
  • Coaching, school-colleges and training institutions will still remain closed
  • No restrictions on these from September 1
  • Within the state, the buses will operate according to the conditions of the transport department.
  • Hotels, lodges, hospitality, guest houses, Dharamshala restaurants, and shopping malls will open
  • According to the guideline, permission has also been given to open saloons and beauty parlor.
  • A maximum of 50 people can attend the wedding ceremony and a maximum of 20 people can attend the funeral.
  • Restrictions will apply to these
  • Ban on political, social, religious ceremonies, fairs and processions will continue
  • Sports, recreational and cultural programs will not be organized
  • Academic functions, coaching, school-college, and training will not be organized
  • Ban on the hall, swimming pool, gym, entertainment park, theater and auditorium
  • Only those religious places allowed by the Supreme Court can be opened cine

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