Light candles at 9 pm for 9 minutes from Balcony to Fight against Covid-19. Said PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday ask the citizens to step outside of their homes this Sunday at 9 pm for 9 minutes to light a lamp and demonstrate collective will of the  country in the determined fight against Covid19 while adhering to social-distancing norms.

PM Modi said in a video message this morning‘’This Sunday on April 5 at 9 pm for 9 minutes switch off all your household lights, step out of your door or balcony and light either a candle or a lamp or even a torch of flashlight on your mobiles… and demonstrate great energy and pledge that we will come out [from this situation] and travel towards light”.


In his the third address to the country during the last fortnight, PM Modi said “while there could be a feeling how one person can make a difference in this big battle against the global health pandemic, he underscored it is the collective strength of 130 crore people and it is time to reinforce the vastness and magnitude of this resolve”.


The Prime Minister underscored that while doing so, citizens should observe the norm of social distancing and not violate the Lakshman Rekha by spilling out onto streets or colonies. The reiteration was necessary since  the last appeal to come out to ring bells or clang utensils during the March 22 Janata Curfew resulted in crowding at many places, attracting adverse observation on social media.


The March 22 thanksgiving event for frontline warriors against Covid19 , he said, “attracted attention of the world and many countries were now replicating the exercise. This rekindled awareness of great energy and now it is time to take another great pledge and reach greater heights,’’.


In doing so, he said, the country will also send a strong message to the poor and helpless people who are suffering most due to the lockdown that they are not alone and there is light towards which everyone is moving together.


In these times of difficulty and when people are experiencing darkness with the collective strength of 130 crore Indian it is time to demonstrate vastness, grandeur and spiritual experience though illumination. ‘’This is a Ram Baan [Lord Rama’s arrow to pierce through],’’ in these times.


Today’s message is intended to reinforce that each citizen has taken a pledge to move towards the end of the tunnel  and dispel the mood of sombreness and darkness in the country following the 21-day lockdown in force since March 25.



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