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Kenyans don’t want Obama’s gay legalization proposal


Kenyans took to twitter to express their dismay over Obama’s plan to talk with Kenyan officials over the matter of decriminalizing gay in their nation. Within a span just a few hours the hashtag #KenyansMessageToObama received ov er 3000 tweets.

Being gay and indulging in gay like activities is a crime punishable up to 14 years in Kenya. Some Kenyans even tweeted saying that gays should remain In the US while others tweeted saying that their nation has very beautiful and amazing women so why should they be gay.

Only a couple of months earlier the Obama administration uplifted the ban of gay marriages throughout the United States, a move that Obama himself was much against a few years ago.

This year alone had three countries legalizing gay marriages, Ireland, Greenland and the United States. All together there are 22 countries which have legalized gay marriages with The Netherlands being the first to take this initiative in the year 2000.

Other news that are trending along obama’s plan to visit Kenya is the overwhelming marriage proposal for Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Obama. There were reports of a Kenyan lawyer who was willing to offer 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats for Malia’s hand.


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