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ISIS Destroy Historical Temple in Syria

ISIS have continued their passion for destroying historical artefacts as they moved on to blow up ancient temples in the historic ruins of Palmyra, Syria.
Based on the report sent by Syrian State News Agency, SANA, ISIS members rigged the temple of Baalshamin with explosives and then detonated it.
However the information released by SANA is doubtful whether it is of a recent event or not as they did not specify when it happened.
Earlier ISIS members were seen destroying historical objects in a video footage in Mosul.
Although most of them were copies, there were still a fair amount of irreplaceable and unique ones which fell under the wrath of the  ISIS sledgehammer.
The Baalshamin temple in Palmyra, Syria is said to have been one of the oldest surviving historical temple, dating back to the first centuries AD.
No one clearly understands why ISIS is doing this but one accepted theory for the time being is that they want to destroy the past of Iraq and Syria.
Some believe that they are doing this in the name of religion but if thats the case then there are also   reports about some of the  rare antiquities that they currently possess to maintain their thriving illegal trade.
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