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Is the legal and fundamental right of orphans protected?

Is the legal and fundamental right of orphans protected?

A few days back, news spread that a newly born girl child is left alone in the hospital. Her father died 5 days before her birth and her mother died 5 days after the birth. The girl who doesn’t know who her father or mother is, she doesn’t even know the meaning but lost her parents or her childhood too.

No matter how much she gets love and affection, no one can fill the loss that occurred to her. Parents and their family would be waiting for nine months to celebrate the occasion but instead of celebrating the birth Eve, the parents died. If we delve into the ground reality, not everyone is getting a family to take care of.


Firstly, a country like India with people who believe in good and bad fortune would be able to accept the child?

Many will believe that the child is unlucky for the family so they won’t accept the child with an open heart. We all know the scenario and how people are suffering due to covid but still we cannot change the mentality of people.


Secondly, people see girls as a burden. In this era, girls are equally contributing with their counterparts but still not accepted in the society. It’s usually observed that before celebrating the first birthday eve of the girl, parents start saving money for her marriage. So, do you think how many will willingly accept the orphan, especially a girl child?


The exploitation of orphans are not confined to any gender. Just imagine how the children will manage when they are left alone at home? We are witnessing how people are demanding money for last rituals. So, in such a case, how will a child manage to live?

These days, most of the families are nuclear which creates the worst situation for the child.

I must say, the Covid outbreak matured the child before they attained the age of maturity and left many of them with no support.

With rise in such cases, The Supreme Court directed the state to register orphans in the National portal to take action to ensure their legal and fundamental rights.

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