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Iranian man begs UK police to deport him

When millions of refugees from Syria, Libya and Egypt are ready to do anything to get asylum in the United Kingdom, one Iranian man is begging police to send him to homeland. The youngster told press that he is waiting since five months to get the UK citizenship.  The Home Office haven’t cleared his file yet. Arash Aria is living in the Manchester since 10 years. Now Aria is saying that he had enough of life in the country and wants a fresh start in the country of his origin.

Arash Aria
Arash Aria

But this is where the problem begins. He has stuck in the immigration process due to his expired Iranian passport. The young man is trapped in a tricky situation now. The UK government has failed to respond to his repeated requests for the citizenship despite submission of all the documents and paper work from the Aria’s side.


In a heat of the moment, Aria went to a police station in Manchester and appealed cops to deport him. “Just send me back. Send me back home,” said Aria in frustration. Aria further added that it has been very difficult to find a job in Britain. He didn’t find settling down as easy as popular perception about immigration process.  The present documents which allow him to stay in UK are not sufficient to get employed.

Embassy of Iran in London has been silent on the issue and the Home Office maintained that they haven’t received any application from Aria. On being asked about his advice for those who seek refuge in UK, he said,” It’s not as easy as you think. The road is not all gold.”

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