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Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar gets accused in Sagar Rana’s murder case. Here’s what the postmortem report revealed!

Popular Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar gets involved in a murder case. The wrestler won two Olympic medals (1 silver and 1 bronze) for the country and made India proud. He stood as an inspiration for many young wrestlers. But his shameful act broke many hearts. Sushil Kumar clubs with the most wanted gangsters to commit a crime.

Sagar Rana, a 23-year-old National wrestler was brutally beaten up by Sushil Kumar and his gang which led to Rana’s death. Sushil Kumar absconded for three weeks ever since he came to know about the murder. The murder took place at the parking area at the Chhatrasal stadium after the brawl on May 4th. Sushil Kumar and his right hand Ajay Kumar are suspected to be guilty.

The police started a strict investigation regarding Sagar Rana’s murder. The Delhi police caught Sushil Kumar and Ajay Kumar redhandedly and arrested them on 23 May in Mundka. After the police’s investigation, Sushil Kumar admitted that he was present at the brawl that day. Sushil is under custody and further investigation is going on, along with Sushil Kumar and Ajay Kumar, a few of their friends are also said to be involved in threatening Sagar Rana that night.

Various sources state that Sushil has a good relationship with the most wanted gangsters and also politicians. Sagar Rana’s parents stated that his political relations can easily get him out of the case. They plead for justice and affirmed that Sushil should be hanged to death for killing their son brutally.

Sushil loses his government job for being accused of a murder case. He would also lose all his medals if he was proved to be guilty. We hope justice prevails for the victim’s family. Sagar Rana considered Sushil Kumar as his Guru and followed his guidelines to build his career but, unfortunately, Rana gets murdered coldbloodedly by his Guru and his gang which is breaking hearts.

The interrogation is not yet over! Sushil Kumar is taken to the stadium to recreate the murder scene where the incident took place. Where and with whom have Sushil been the past three weeks?? Who are those gangsters who were said to have good connections with Sushil?? Is it a preplanned murder?? Or it was for Sushil’s wife’s flat in which Sagar was residing??

The postmortem report revealed that Sagar Rana’s death is due to a critical brain injury. Sagar Rana is beaten up with a heavy object on his head.

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