India send 5 lakh anti-malarial to Afghanistan by using Saarc Covid Fund

Last month Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to use Saarc COVID-12 Emergency Fund amount to send 5 lakh tablets of hydroxychloroquine to Afghanistan.

To maintain harmonious relations between Pakistan this suggestion was already taken but now New Delhi official is yet working on the logistics.  A government official told to Media that the government is trying all possible ways to provide medicine to citizens of Afghanistan as soon as possible. There is another option to send hydroxychloroquine medicine to Afghanistan was third party planes or international cargo planes.

Another official told to media that  “India had already sold hydroxychloroquine to other Saarc countries like  Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. According to officials, there was no further proposal to sell hydroxychloroquine medicine to Pakistan in the absence of a request from Islamabad.

According to the last few weeks of some studies, the demand for the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine had encouraged India’s relation globally and it also helped to reduce the pressures in COVID-19 patients.

Earlier India had banned the exports of medicine due to insufficient supplies for domestic requirements. Lately, these restrictions were eased. And pharmaceutical companies allowed to exports to friendly countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

This decision was also taken to provide the medicine and other medical facilities under the Saarc COVID-19 Emergency Fund and use the fund that was received last month.

On virtual conference call with Saarc leaders, PM Narendra Modi said that he had inquired that the fund would be financed by voluntary contributions from all members.

The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was the only Saarc head of government who was not at the conference and send Pakistan’s health minister for conference meetings.


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