Humans to land on Mars by 2030, NASA confirms

Almost everyone is dreaming about settling on mars these days due to latest science fiction movie The Martian. During the special premier of the movie for the International Space Station’s crew, NASAs chief administrator Charles Bolden announced that humans are getting closer to the manned mission on mars. The Martian is a story of astronaut struck on the red planet due to several mission complications. Mr. Bolden told press at NASA head office in Washington D.C. that there is lot of work and research to be done but eventually we will get there.

America’s state owned space agency informed that it is working on the most efficient launch vehicle in the history of humanity for manned mission to mars. This megarocket, a space launch system will carry the Orion spacecraft to the Martian atmosphere. The test launch is scheduled in 2018. Before first human reaches Mars, the NASA will lay down some ground work through next edition of mars rover in 2020. Moxie (the Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment) payload will be carried to mars in order to produce oxygen and carbon monoxide for human visitors. This device will convert carbon di oxide on mars into sufficient quantities of oxygen, which will even last for return trip.

If everything goes according to the plan, humans will start landing on mars by the end of 2030s, according to NASA. The experiments of growing food in the outer space have been successful at international space station (ISS), where they grew lettuce.  ISS has been at the centre of the research which helped to understand survival of human body in outer space.

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