How the Patna High Court responded to paucity of Oxygen and other medical facilities?

We as a citizen of India is witnessing the escalation in the cases of covid-19. The second phase is taking away the life of people & leaving them with the emptiness which is irreparable. The same happened in Bihar and the court observed this horrible situation after the demise of the court officer. The reason behind his demise was paucity of Oxygen and other medical facilities.

It is blood curdling that the court officer didn’t get the supply of oxygen. Just imagine what the situation is? How will a normal person get oxygen? In addition, hospitals are not admitting patients due to the lack of bed availability, medicines, oxygen cylinder and other life saving drugs such as oral tablet Favipiravir, remedesivir and other medical facilities. Apart from this, it was also observed that no effective action is being taken either by the state government or the central government.

As a result of which, the division bench of Patna High Court comprising Justice C S Singh and Mohit Kumar Shah. They gave the direction to present a clear picture of how the state is going to supply oxygen to covid hospitals. In addition they directed the Central Government to take steps regarding the shortage of oxygen and medical facilities

. They observed that private hospitals are also running out of oxygen cylinders, beds, life saving drugs and other medical facilities.

The situation is blood curdling that basic medical facilities are unavailable while people in power are still exploiting the weaker section. For instance – RT PCR Test is not performed at a reasonable rate. Apart from this, Covid Management in Bihar isn’t effective.

Therefore, the division bench also directed the state to enhance the rate of RT PCR test. In addition, they also directed the State Health Society, Government of Bihar, Health Department to take imperative action to fill the gap and provide adequate facilities as well.


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