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Guidelines for Unlock 1.0 issued; masking and social distancing is must

The ministry of health and family welfare has issued guidelines for working in different places which states that pregnant women, people above 65 years, people having serious diseases should avoid working. The important things like social distancing, cleaning, and sanitization are mentioned in guidelines. Spitting should be strictly prohibited in office premises.

Table of Contents

Guidelines for offices

  • Sanitizer dispenser is necessary on the entry gate of the offices. Thermal screening will be done here only.
  • Only those employees are permitted who have no symptoms of coronavirus.
  • The staffs living in containment zone have to inform their supervisor. The staff will not get permission until the containment will be denotified.
  • Drivers have to maintain social distancing and have to follow all the rules.
  • The gates, steering, keys, and interior of the cars should be disinfected. This should be kept in mind.
  • Pregnant women, elderly employees, and employees combating other diseases should take extra care. Work should not be allotted to these people where they come in direct contact with other people. They should get work from home from management if possible.
  • Employees with face masks are allowed to enter. It is mandatory for them to wear a mask all the time they are in office.
  • The normal entry of common people should be restricted whereas all temporary passes have to be canceled. Only people with authorized permission and if they want to meet any officer, prior information is necessary. Entry is allowed to common people with authorized permission and prior information. Common people entering the office will be screened completely and properly.
  • The gathering should be in the form of video conferencing to the possible extent.
  • The hoardings/ posters with the prevention of coronavirus should be placed in different locations of offices.

Guidelines for religious places

  • People should not gather in large numbers. Everybody has to keep a minimum distance of 6 feet.
  • The arrangements of sanitizer at the entrance of the temple are mandatory. Thermal screening to be done of everyone entering the temple
  • People with no symptoms will be allowed on the premises. If anyone is found with any kind of cough, cold and fever will not be permitted to enter.
  • The face mask is mandatory and entry will be made with face masks.
  • The hoardings/ posters and videos with the prevention of coronavirus should be placed in different locations of the temple.
  • Every possible step to be taken to maintain the distance and not gathering in huge numbers
  • Shoes, slippers to be put in car before coming out. If this not possible, then the authorities should keep an eye.

Guidelines for restaurant

    • All the food outlets will continue to remain close in containment zones.
    • Home delivery should be the priority instead of having a seat and eating. The packet should be kept on the entrance and should not be handed over.
    • All the employees to be screened properly before sending them for deliveries.
    • The arrangement of sanitizer and thermal screening should be made at the entrance.
    • Only the employee/staff and customers with no symptoms of coronavirus will be allowed on the premises.
    • Social distancing should be kept in mind while calling the staff, i.e., the presence of staff should be limited keeping in mind the social distancing.
    • The hoardings/ posters with the prevention of coronavirus should be placed and have to be taken as a priority.
    • Special prevention to be taken with high-risk employees. Do not allow them to come in contact with many people and if possible ask the employee with high risk to work from home.
    • The customers should be in the waiting room if the crowd is more.
    • Gloves and masks are necessary for the people working in valet parking. After that, gear, steering, keys, and interior of the car should be sanitized.
    • Markings on the floor to be done so that it becomes easy to maintain the social distancing and the distance of 6 feet to be maintained.
    • Entrance and exit gates should be different.
    • The distance between the tables should be proper so that only 50% of seating capacity is occupied.
    • The disposables can be used so that it can be thrown immediately. The use of high-quality paper napkins is necessary instead of towels.
    • The restaurant and customers should keep in mind the social distancing in the buffet also.
    • Entry of more people at once is prohibited in elevators also.
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