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Guidelines for International flights; passengers to give all expenses; priorities to pregnant women, students and who lost their jobs

Central Administration on Sunday gave all the instructions/guidelines for the Indians who are stuck in any part of the world. All the expenses will be born by the travelling passengers. Priorities will be given to those who are having tough times and have lost their jobs during this pandemic. Except this, permission to enter the country will be given to elderlies, pregnant women. The same kind of Standard Operating Procedure is given to those who are stuck in India and want to return to their countries.

SOP of Home Ministry

The central home ministry said that the stuck passengers have to register themselves in the embassies of their country and have to provide the information asked.

Priorities will be given to people who lost their jobs, visa holders with less duration left, health-related emergencies, pregnant women, people who are willing to come due to death in their house and the students.

All the passengers coming to India have to follow the quarantine guidelines issued by the central health ministry and the ministry of family welfare.

16 Terms and Conditions of the Ministry of health and family welfare

Passengers before boarding have to give in writing that they are ready to undergo a 14-day quarantine including 7-day quarantine with their expenses followed by 7-day home quarantine. They have monitor their health themselves.

There will be some exceptions. The state government will be responsible for people having stress, pregnant women, death in the family, serious disease, parents with kids below 10 years. The home quarantine can be of 14 days and the usage of Aarogya Setu app is mandatory during this period.

Do’s and Don’t’s will be issued by respective agencies along with the ticket.

Every passenger is advised to download the Aarogya Setu app on their cell phones.

The thermal screening will be done before boarding a ship or a plane. Only those without symptoms will be permitted to travel.

The above-mentioned rules will be followed by passengers who are entering the country by road. Only those without symptoms will be allowed to enter the country boundaries.

2 copies of a self-declaration form have to be filled by the passengers. One has to be submitted on the immigration centre which is available on the entry point of airports, dockyards and land borders. The forms are available on the Aarogya Setu app.

All necessary precaution must be taken. The arrangement of sanitisation and disinfectant should be made.

Social distancing has to maintain onboarding and at airports.

Announcement related to COVID-19 must be made on airport, dockyard and land border checkpoints.

Crew members are responsible to check the masks on every passenger’s face while travelling. The responsibility of sanitization and disinfectant is of the respective airlines and crew members.

Every passenger will be thermally screened by the health team at the airport, seaport or land port.

During the screening, any passenger found with the symptoms of the disease will be isolated immediately by the health officials. He/She will be taken to the hospital according to health protocol.

The passengers with no symptoms will be sent to the quarantine centre by the state or union territories governments.

These passengers will have to stay for 7 days in governmental quarantine centres. According to ICMR guideline, they will be tested and if found positive will undergo treatment.

If light symptoms are found, they can either be permitted for home isolation or the related person can be sent to a private or governmental COVID care centre.

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