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Fifth test of AGNI-IV successful

AGNI-IV, India’s nuclear-capable strategic ballistic missile was successfully test fired near the cost of Odisha. The missile capable of hitting target as far as 4,000km was tested at Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Island, a newly named island in the memory of former president of India. The place was previously known as the Wheeler Island.

In terms of dimensions, the missile is 20 tons heavy and around 20 metres long. The defence ministry informed that it was fired from Integrated Test Range’s (ITR) complex-4 on 9.45 am. Ms. Tessy Thomas led the fifth trial of the Agni IV missile. She is known as missile woman of India. The jam proof laser gyroscope navigated the missile towards the target.

The terminal event, which included destruction of the dummy warhead was successfully concluded and confirmed by the ships located near the impact zone. The data obtained by telemetry reveal that all objectives of the test have been achieved, according to the statement by the Ministry of Defence.  Along with Agni series, India has other nuclear capable missiles such as the Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile and Prithvi series. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) informed that the high level of accuracy is obtained by using compact avionics technology.

The disturbances during the flight are avoided by Agni’s 5th generation computer with distributed architecture. The missile can correct its own path and guide itself. The target is destroyed within two digit accuracy due to ring laser gyro based inertial navigation system (RINS) and micro navigation system.

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