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Explosion in Bangkok claims 20 lives

An all out investigation by the Thai police is already underway after a bomb was set off near Ratchaprasong junction killing 20 and injuring 100 more. Investigators are yet to find out the ones responsible for this attack.Up till now a man seen in a footage from a CCTV camera before the attack seems to be their only and strongest clue.
The area where the blast took place was popular for its Hindu temples and local shrines. Of the 20 people killed there were 8 foreigners among them.
In a separate incident a grenade was thrown at the busy Sathorn Pier in Bangkok. However no one was injured as the bomb landed in water.
“This is the worst incident that has ever happened in Thailand” said Mr Prayuth,
There has been no known fact whether this is the work of an individual or a faction. Some believe it to be the work of the Muslim insurgents fighting for a separate state in the south otherwise the cause of the deep political tension in the nation which led to the losing side take such drastic steps.
Authorities are doing their best to nab the suspect in the CCTV who was seen wearing a black backpack while going in and coming out without it.
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