Do you know using Saliva to shine the cricket ball is treated as unfair practice?

COVID 19 changed our lifestyle up to some extent. The lockdown during the pandemic affected us a lot. But do you know COVID 19 also brought some change in cricket. Things which were supposed to be banned in the past, took centuries to catch up. There are many things which have changed after Covid 19 outbreak. One of such examples is using Saliva to shine the cricket ball is treated as unfair practice which will be implemented from 1st October, 2022.

Before such a declaration, cricket bowlers were using Saliva; they were using lip balm, hair gel, and various other techniques to alter their saliva composition.

However, using Saliva wasn’t creating much impact. It was a myth that spit impacts swing.

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) banned using Saliva on cricket ball and the act was declared ‘unfair practice’. Here, the reader must note that In the 1920s, the baseball leagues banned using Saliva on balls. But in cricket, it has taken centuries to do the same. This declaration was made due to pandemic.

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