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Did Narendra Modi violate the Flag code of India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed himself in another controversy. This time it is about autographed national flag, which would be gifted to President Barak Obama. Opposition parties in India have reacted strongly over the pictures of the same flag circulating over social media. The Congress party has told PM, “However high you may be, the national flag is above you.”

Chef Vikas Khanna, for whom Mr. Modi signed the tricolour in New York, is going to gift it to the U.S. President. Khanna was responsible for preparing best Indian dishes for PMs Meeting with top CEOs in US. The Prime Minister is visiting the United States for number of high profile meetings and UN summit.  The officials quickly responded by taking the flag to check if there is any violation of the flag code of India. From a legal standpoint, the section V of the Indian Flag code clearly states that ‘lettering of any kind shall not be put upon the flag.”

Indian flag code violation
Indian flag code violation

Last time Mr. Modi was criticised for an expensive suit but this time people are questioning the legality of the gift. During World Yoga Day celebrations, PM was criticised for wiping his face with the national flag.

The social media has exploded like it always does with some dismissing it as minor issue and some accusing Mr. Modi for insulting the tricolour. Some voices pointed out that India needs more comprehensive and practical policy regarding national symbols.

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