Denmark sets a new record as wind provides nearly half of its energy

By sourcing around 47 percent of Denmark’s electricity from wind energy in 2019, Denmark sets a new record. On Thursday, Denmark’s grid operator Energinet announces that the amount of electricity produced by wind turbines went up from 41 per cent in 2018 to a little over 47 percent in 2019.

The total power generation from wind turbines at sea escalated to 18 per cent from 14 per cent last year while onshore wind turbines produced for 29 per cent.

When it comes to renewable energy, the country has been the world leader and way ahead of Ireland which is its nearest rival with only 28 per cent electricity generated from wind in 2018. According to the wind energy advocacy group, Wind Europe, wind energy is the second-largest power generation form in Europe at 14 per cent of electricity being produced by wind in the European Union.

The largest wind farm in Denmark and Scandinavia is Horns Rev 3 which started its functioning in August and is able to supply power to 425,000 Danish homes. This plant utilises 8.3MW turbines from MHI Vestas and was constructed. There are offshore wind energy farms as well which is based in the North Sea and has contributed further to Denmark’s higher electricity production from wind.

According to the renewable energy news site, Recharge, the country further plans to launch a bigger wind farm in the Danish Baltic Sea named Kriegers Flak in the year 2021.

Along with that, the country plans three other offshore 800MW wind farm projects is going to be worked on and built which was in the 2018 Energy Agreement. One of them is named Thor that would be based in the North Sea and would go out for tender this year and is further due by 2027.

By the year 2030, Denmark’s left-wing political government increased its climate protection goals in July and is aiming to reduce emissions by 70 per cent.

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