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Delhi Police: There’s a rise of attacks on temples and not churches



Asked to explain the recent spate of thefts and attacks on churches in the Capital, Delhi Police commissioner B S Bassi has told the Home Ministry that more cases of thefts were reported from temples, gurdwaras and mosques.
Bassi presented the data at a meeting with Home Ministry officials after he was summoned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to the data, 206 temples, 30 gurdwaras, 14 mosques and three churches were burgled in 2014.
With regard to Delhi church thefts, the answer is quite clear. According to data released by the Delhi police, in 2014 206 Hindu temples, 30 Sikh Gurdwaras, 14 mosques and 3 Churches were robbed in Delhi.
We nowadays read and watch a lot on newspapers, and prime-time of every other news channels, on the issue of rise in the attacks on churches after the BJP came into power. There’s a maybe biased narrative adopted by the mainstream section of the media, where they maybe or are trying to instigate communal disturbance by not reporting in an accurate and unbiased manner.
The data clearly shows that attacks on temples and gurdwarasare going up every other year, so, by ‘what logic the media in its reportage is trying to portray by reporting on the basis flawed logic, telling us that there isrise of attacks on churches?’
This kind of journalism is done on the basis of giving it a communal colour and not on the basis of statistics. It also indicates that reporting is done on fiction, and not on facts.
Pre-determined agendas don’t need to wait for facts.It makes Christians fearful and conversely fuels resentment against the generally well-respected Christian community in India. The media’s role in fuelling the communal fires of discord at the behest of vested interests must be examined.

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