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Delhi government on Unlock 1.0: Only Delhites will get treatment in hospitals;  central government hospitals are open for all

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal conducted a press conference on Sunday. He told that the cabinet has decided that private and government hospitals under Delhi will treat patients from Delhi only whereas the hospitals under the central government are accessible to everyone. 10-10 thousand beds are available in both government hospitals. He also told that restaurants, malls, and religious places will be open from June 8.

Kejriwal added that he took suggestions of residents of Delhi. 90% of people say that the Delhi hospitals should be for Delhites only till the epidemic. The government then appointed a team of 5 experts. The reports submitted say that Delhi will need 15,000 beds till June end. If the hospital will open for everyone then the reserved 9,000 beds will be occupied in just 3 days. The private and government hospitals will be open for all when the pandemic ends or the disease is controllable.

Some private hospitals will be open for all

Kejriwal also added that private hospitals that are specialized in oncology and neurology and do surgery related to it will be open for all. These departments whose services are not available in other parts of the country will be open and accessible to all,i.e., people from all parts of the country can get treatments from these hospitals. The permission for opening hotel and banquet halls will not be granted. It can be possible that these can be linked with hospitals and it depends on the current situation.

70% levy tax will be removed from 10 June

Delhi government also told that the taxes which were levied in lockdown will be removed from June 10. 70% of taxes were levied on liquor.  The VAT on liquor has been increased to 25% from 20%

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