Covid-19:  India witness 7,447 active cases,239 death and 642 cured patients

On Saturday the total number of Coronavirus cases in India reached to 7,447. The figure was released by Ministry of Health. The figure includes 6,565 postive cases and 239 deaths and around 642 people have recovered from the COVID-19.


Maharashtra has highest number of Corona cases. It is reported with 2000 cases and also accountable for highest death rate followed by Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.  Whereas Delhi and Tamil Nadu  crossed 900 mark of Covid-19 cases.


Let’s see the statewise Coronavirus active cases, death and recovery case.



Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country. With 1574  active cases , 110 deaths and 188 recovery patients of Covid-19.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has now become the second-highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country which now stand with 911 postive case, 8 deaths and 44 recoveries.


The national capital of India reported third-highest number of coronavirus cases in the country. As now 903 people have tested positive of coronavirus, 13 people have died from the infection while 25 people are recovered.


As per Heath Ministry data Rajasthan touched 553 Coronavirus cases on Saturday. The state has witnessed 3 fatalities and 21 patients have recovered .


This Southern State have been reported with 473 positive cases and 43 people are recovered while seven people have died from Covid-19.


Madhya Pradesh


This state has  435 positive cases of coronavirus. 33 people have died from Covid-19 here.


Uttar Pradesh


In Uttar Pradesh 431 people have been infected. While 32 people have recovered and 4  died from the infection here.


Andhra Pradesh


The Health ministry figures states that it has 363 positive Covid-19 patients and 7 cases of recovery and 6 people have died.




Kerala is the fifth most coronavirus-affected state in the country with 364 coronavirus cases and two deaths due to Covid-19 while 123 people have successfully recovered.




As per the latest data by the Ministry of Health has registered 308 coronavirus cases , 31 recoveries and 19 people have died from the infection in the state.




The state witnessed 207 Covid-19 cases, 6 deaths and 31 people have been cured.


Jammu and Kashmir


The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has seen the number of Covid-19 patients rising to 207, 4 people have died from the infection while 6 were recovered.



116 people have been affected in West Bengal, 5 died and 16 recoveries in the state. Odisha has 48  positive patients, 2 have recovered while one person has died.



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