COVID-19 India Updates: 9838 patients increased in 24 hours; MP shifted to 7th position

The number of confirmed cases is now 2 lakh 26 thousand 713. On Thursday, the number of new patients recorded was the highest, 9838. Before this, on Wednesday the number of new cases recorded was 9628. The number of patients in Maharashtra is towards 80,000. The number of cases in Maharashtra is 77,000+, Tamil Nadu – 27,000+ , Delhi – 25,000+.

Madhya Pradesh has shifted to seventh position from sixth. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that 2% cases are new as compared to the country whereas this percent was 8% initially. The recovery rate in MP is 64.3% which was 47.9% earlier.


Number of cases according to states

Maharashtra – 74,860

Tamil Nadu – 25,872

Delhi- 23,645

Gujarat- 18,100

Rajasthan – 9,652

Uttar Pradesh- 8,877

Madhya Pradesh- 8,762


2933 new cases were found in Maharashtra on Thursday. This is the highest number of cases recorded in one day, i.e., 14.57% cases increased in one day. 2560 new patients were found on Wednesday. The number of deaths is also increasing rapidly here. 274 people lost their lives on Thursday. The total number of deaths in Maharashtra is 2710.  In last seven days, the virus claimed more than 200 lives in India.


5 days when maximum cases were recorded

4 June – 9838

3 June – 9638

2 June – 8820

31 May – 8789

30 May – 8364


Condition of 5 states

1) Maharashtra: On Thursday, 2933 new cases were recorded, 123 people lost their lives and 1352 patients recovered. Total number of cases is 77,793. Only Mumbai has 44,000+ cases. 2710 people lost their lives in this state

2) Madhya Pradesh: On Thursday, 173 new cases were recorded, 6 people lost their lives. Total number of cases is 8,762.  The number of patients in Bhopal has increased to 1630. 377 patients have lost their lives to this virus.

3) Uttar Pradesh: Total number of cases is 9,237. On Thursday, 367 new cases were recorded. More than 300 cases were recorded for continuously 3 days. 2466 migrants labour are found positive. The total number of death is 245.

4) Rajasthan:  210 new cases were recorded on Thursday. The virus claimed the lives of 4 people yesterday. Total number of cases is 9862 and total number of deaths is 213.

5) Bihar: Total number of cases is 4452. 126 patients were recorded in last 24 hours. Total number of deaths is 28

All the number are taken from


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