Coronavirus cases jump to 1071 in India,  100 patients recover

The number of coronavirus cases in the country is on a rapid rise. The Ministry of Health on Monday updated the national tally to 1,071. The figure includes 942 active cases, 99 cases of recoveries and 29 deaths.

Maharashtra and Kerala continue to sit at the top of the Covid-19 tally with the highest number of cases in the country.

Here’s a statewise of coronavirus active cases, deaths and recoveries across the country.

The southern state has 194 positive cases of coronavirus as per the latest data by the Ministry of Health. The state has witnessed one Covid-19 death. 19 people have successfully recovered.

The state has recorded 80 Covid-19 cases and 3 deaths. 5 people have been cured and discharged.

With 193 Covid-19 cases, Maharashtra is the worst-hit state by coronavirus infection. The state has registered 8 coronavirus deaths so far while 25 patients have been recovered and released.

75 people have been infected from Covid-19 in the state. While 11 people have recovered from Covid-19 in Uttar Pradesh, no one has died from the infection here.

69 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported here so far. One person has made a recovery from the virus while one has died from Covid-19.

As many as 53 people have been tested positive of coronavirus in the national capital. Two people have died from the infection while 6 people have made a recovery, as per the health ministry’s data.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state has registered 58 coronavirus cases and one recovery so far. As many as 5 people have died from the infection in the state.

The state has 57 positive cases of coronavirus with no reported cases of fatalities. Three patients have recovered from the infection.

Uttarakhand has 7 coronavirus patients, two patients have recovered from the virus. Goa has reported 5 cases of Covid-19 infection. Himachal Pradesh has 3 cases, one patient has died. Odisha also has three Covid-19 positive patients. Andaman has recorded 9 coronavirus cases.

The southern state has registered 50 Covid-19 cases and seen four recoveries. Tamil Nadu has seen one patient die from Covid-19.

The neighbouring states have 33 and 38 Covid-19 cases respectively. While one person has died in Punjab, Haryana has seen no deaths. 17 people have been recovered from coronavirus in Haryana, one in Punjab.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged citizens not to step out of their homes and has assured that no one will go to sleep on an empty stomach. He also assured a smooth supply of all essential commodities across the National Capital Territory and said that the administration is prepared to handle 100 Covid-19 cases in a day.

The state has reported 33 positive cases of coronavirus. Two people have died from Covid-19 here.

Besides this, Jammu and Kashmir has 31 positive cases of coronavirus. Two people have died from the infection while one was cured. Andhra Pradesh has 19 positive Covid-19 patients and one case of recovery. West Bengal has 19 people who tested positive for the infection with one death.

In Chandigarh, 8 people were found infected from Covid-19. Chhattisgarh has recorded 7 cases of coronavirus. In Bihar, 11 people have tested positive for coronavirus, one has died.

States and Union territories with just one positive Covid-19 case include Manipur, Mizoram and Pondicherry.

On Monday, India entered the sixth day of the 21-day long nationwide coronavirus lockdown announced by PM Modi to break the chain of Covid-19 infection in the country.



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