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Chinese family fined $110,180 for violating one child policy

Fine of $110,180 was imposed on a Chinese family for violating notorious ‘One child policy’ of the government. The couple was found with seven children.

The Chinese government imposed the policy three decades ago to curb massive population explosion in the country.  The couple has three sons and four daughters. The family has been living in Tongzhou district of the national capital since 1984 without hukou, a residential permit.

The local branch of population and family planning commission informed family that they have to pay 700,000 yuan to the government for not following thirty year old family planning policy as the children do not possess necessary permits. The government run press informed that the fine was formulated based on rural income levels in 2012. It also includes surcharge.

The hukou permit is important to identify citizens in mainland China and this permits lets the person use various government services such as healthcare, free education and other social security benefits. The third child, Zhang Zelong told reporters that four out of the seven siblings stopped attending school after nine year of compulsory primary schooling.

All of four have received residential permit. But the other three may have to leave school in future if they don’t receive hukou on time. Zhang said, “Without proper education, I can only get job in small factory.” The hospitals are also denying health care to the illegal siblings. Even getting marriage certificate is impossible without hukou.

China is now moving towards the relaxation of one child policy and many couples are now being allowed to have a second child. The government is taking problem of aging workforce very seriously.

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