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China entitled 108 new Corona cases on Monday

The health officials of China said that on Monday country has registered 100 cases of new Coronavirus for the first time along with two death at the central Hubei Province. The death rate of China reaching at 3,341.


Total cases of 1,064 asymptomatic cases and  1,378 imported as well as ten local infections reported said by China’s National Health Commission (NHC).


NHC said that ten new domestic transmitted cases were reported( seven in Heilongjiang and 3 cases in Guangdong Province).


On Sunday 108 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in China out of which 98 people are returned from aboard. 2 deaths were witnessed in epicenter Hubei Province

with the new increase in cases, the total number of cases in China has gone to 82,160 by Sunday.


NHC said “On Sunday, China had a 1,378 number of total imported cases, out of which 511 were recovered from hospitals and get discharge after recovery and 867 were kept under observation with 38 in severe condition”.


NHC said that there were 61 new asymptomatic cases, in which 12 cases are from aboard were reported, the cases rise to 1,064 cases, including 307 from abroad. They are all under medical observation.


Asymptomatic cases refer a postive case of  Coronavirus but it develop no symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and breathing problem.  They are more dangerous infectious than old Coronavirus.


People returning from various COVID-19 hotspot countries have more chances to get effected from new Virus. On Sunday hundreds of people return back to China from various Coronavirus hotspots , even though the deadly virus has been contained in epicentres of Hubei province and its capital Wuhan.


The novel coronavirus was originated from China in December and almost  114,185 people died whereas 1.8 million people get infected globally.  According to Johns Hopkins University data The United State has the highest number of Coronavirus cases 556,044 and deaths over 20,000.

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