Child Sexual Abuse: Child abuse on the rise in India

As police officials and NGO workers strive towards making a safe haven for children from sexual predators, there are many places in India where children are still getting sexually abused and the number of all the cases registered is alarmingly on the rise.

In Thane itself, the number of cases registered till June of this year was 141. In the year 2013 there was a total of 190 cases registered and the following year the statistic grew to 206, marking a 13% rise.

In Coimbatore, there were fresh reports of a class one student being sexually molested by the school janitor and a 10 year old boy getting sexually abused by his 20 year old relative.

If the Thane figures scare you then brace yourself for Tamil Nadu which accounted for 1,084 cases of child abuse last year,

Tamil Nadu has a total number of 2,455 cases of child abuses and this is only the second most in the nation.

Uttar Pradesh has registered the most number of cases on child sexual abuse with 3.637 cases till date.

The POCSO, The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences was started in the year 2012 in a bid to control and prevent Child sexual abuses.

Ever since its emergence, the POCSO instead of curbing this evil practice has seen the rising of it. A total of 25,253 cases is still pending in the POSCO and of all the 37,519 cases only 5,527 cases made to trial.

The figures are staggering and the result is no where near any positive news. Moreover, these are just a portion of all the crimes that are being repeatedly committed throughout the nation. Most of it don’t even make it to the police because of social stigma.

While there are many dangerous paedophiles roaming the streets, in most cases, it is the victim’s own relatives even blood, who turn out to be the sexual abusers.


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