Central government mentioned that door-to-door vaccination is not possible

Lawyers from Maharashtra – Dhruti Kapadia and Kunal Tiwari filed a PIL before the Bombay High Court to provide vaccination at doorstep.

Senior citizens are facing issues as citizens above 75 years are either bedridden or they have no strength to visit vaccination centres. In addition, they are not familiar with technology as a result of which some are not even able to register themselves online.

Also observed in one of the early hearings of the Bombay High court that some of the political leaders in Maharashtra were vaccinated at their home by the president and Prime Minister of India, vaccinated at covid-19 vaccination centre because door to door vaccination policy is not available in India.

In reference to the plea, the division bench comprising Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice G S Kulkarni of Bombay High Court is hearing the matter. The PIL No. is 9228 of 2021 Dhruti Kapadia & another vs Union of India

Satyendra Singh working for the Ministry of Health and Family welfare

filed an affidavit against the plea and stated the following reasons regarding non feasibility of door to door vaccination facilities for senior citizens –

  • The situation can get worse if the senior citizens after getting vaccination show Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) as they won’t be getting health facilities immediately.
  • It might be difficult to maintain the protocol if observation for 30 mins after giving vaccination to the person above 75 years.
  • There is the possibility that vaccination will get contaminated, chances of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) will increase due to regular placing of vaccine in and out of vaccine carriers.In addition, it will also affect the performance and efficiency of the vaccine.
  • It will also amount to wastage of vaccine due to time taken to reach each beneficiary.
  • It’s not possible to follow all the protocols of physical distance strictly during door to door vaccination as it can adversely affect the citizens too.

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