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Captured terrorist claims to be from Pakistan

Jonathan Thangeo | Headlines of Today | Aug 7, 2015 @ 09:57
Even though after getting captured alive,  Naved wears a smile and seems pretty calm about the whole situation. A couple of days back, Naved and his comrade Momin were firing at a BSF convoy killing two people in the process. When Momin tried to enter the convoy he was killed by the BSF forces.
Naved escaping the scene tried to flee with his two hostages who took their chance and overpowered him. Omar Abdullah, former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir lauded the duo of their examplary bravery on twitter.
Naved right now is under rigorous interrogation in Udhampur by joint teams of the centre and state security agency. It was reported that during interrogation he kept changin his name at least 3 times and even lied about his age. He claimed to be in his early 20s at first and then later on changing it to 16,  a move seen by the officials as a Lashksar e Taiba tactic so as to subject them to juvenile punishment.
Even though Pakistani officials kept denying the fact that they had anything to do with the BSF attack as well as all the other recent attacks Naved’s interrogation said something else. While being questioned by the indian agents, it was revealed that Naved is a resident of Bhawalpur, Pakistan.
When he was asked on why he attacked innocent civilians he answered ” there was fun in doing this” and when he was asked if he was recieving any money, he simply answered ” innocent Kashmiris are getting killed by India which is what motivates me to take revenge”
The last few weeks around the Pakistan Indian border has seen some of the heaviest attacks by militants on Indian territory. While more and more fresh news come from these terror stricken areas, the center is yet to take some initiative stand.
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