Are China government sending team to North Korea to check Kim Jong Un’s health?

China government has sent a team including doctors to North Korea to check its health of its leader Kim Jong-un health who was critically ill from last week

Reuters report said on Saturday that This team is led by a senior member of the communist party of china’s (CPC) of the international liaison department and left Beijing for Pyongyang. The purpose of this visit is to speculate on the health of Kim Jong-un who has a genetic of cardiovascular problem, it is also said that he is a heavy smoker and appears overweight also.

China has yet not confirmed the visit. Kim Jong and China President Xi Jinping have met many times in the last years. According to earlier reports.

Due to the lack of proper information from North Korea, it is difficult for any country to know what actually is happening inside North Korea. Even many nations watching all the movements and signs of North Korean politics and news channels very closely. The news of Kim’s health first highlighted when he was absent on North Korea’s founding father and Kim’s grandfather, Kim-il Sung’s birthday anniversary on April 15. This day is one of the most important days in North Korea. This day is also classified as state holidays in North Korea.

After this incident, the Speculation often started about North Korea’s leader absence at this important state event.

Kim has also not been seen in meeting since April 11 after that speculation started about his health

According to the state-run Central News Agency of South Korea said that Kim had sent a message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday.


In North Korea the ill of its leader is becaome as a matter of state security.

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