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‘All is Well’ For Trump As Iran Missile Attacks US Forces In Iraq

In retaliation for the US drone strikes killing an Iranian commander, Iran attacks US-led forces stationed at Iraq. many fear this could lead to a new Middle East war.

According to Iranian state television, Iran fired 15 missiles towards US targets in Iraq on Wednesday. Two Iraqi facilities catering to the US-led coalition were the targets. Iranians were shown celebrating this attack. Thee state television said that 80 American Terrorists were killed in the attack along with damage caused to US helicopter and military pieces of equipment. According to reports from Iraq 22 missiles were launched.

In words of Iranian officials in Tehran, they said that Iran does not want war and these strikes were a response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani, a powerful Iranian general whose burial and mourning end time coincided with the missile launch time.

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump tweets that “All is Well,” and there will be an assessment of casualties and damage from the strikes and he said he would give his statement on Wednesday morning. Other US officials declined to give a comment.

Troops from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Poland and Iraq, were not hurt but British personnel condemns the attack. Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said that the bases targeted were al-Asad air and another facility in Erbil, Iraq. He even said that while they were evaluating the situation they will take all necessary measures to protect and defend US personnel, partners or allies in the region.

Around 5000+ US troops are stationed in Iraq with foreign forces who were fighting the ISIS militants. Iran says that US forces should have left the Middle East long time and asked Washington to withdraw from the region. They even warned allies like Israel to not allow attacks from their territories.

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