Al-Shabab attacks Kenyan university 147 people killed in Gharissa

147 people killed in Gharissa

A quiet morning in Garissa Kenya was disrupted by the sudden attack of Al Shabaab militants who infiltrated a college and began their so called work of Jihad by spraying bullets on all the non Muslims, killing 147 people in the process.

The militants even entered a Christian prayer service where they killed some and took the rest as hostages.

Medical reports confirmed that most of the ones killed were shot at the back of the head

Al Shabaab an affiliate of Al Qaeda claimed responsibility of the attack

This was just one of the strings of attacks the militant group has made.

In December they executed 36 people they believed to be non Muslims on a quarry and the month before they killed 28 people in a bus with the same objective.

The capital Nairobi is putting in all the efforts to raise security levels, fearing an Al Shabaab attack to be eminent.

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