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AAP releases video showing police brutality in India during a protest at Delhi

AAP government recently released a shocking video showing the police brutality in India where police is ruthless beating up protesters. The police used excessive forces on students and women protesters were harmed as well. The video has gone viral. It is attracting strong criticism on social media about Delhi police.
The press reports that the delegation included Jawaharlal Nehru University’s student. The group which also had women protesters, was protesting against the suicide of Dalit research scholar at Hyderabad University last month.

The demonstration was held in front of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) headquarter in Delhi. Rohith Vemula’s suicide at Hyderabad University has sparked range of protests across the country. But the protestors clashed outside the building with another student group and things went violent after that.
The students are accusing the Delhi police of being extremely violent and charging a peaceful protest now. The video released by the AAP clearly shows that policemen exerting force on students along with girl protestors. The police did it to disperse the crowd.

Meanwhile the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) has responded with an appeal. It asked victims to record their statement. DCW also wants strict action against the guilty policemen. The organization acted on suo-moto basis. DCW chief Swati Maliwal told press, “It is absolutely shocking to see the excessive use of force by Delhi policemen on protesting women students. We demand a strict action against all those policemen involved in the incident.”
The DCW also asked why there was no female police constable on duty to handle women protestors. Male cops are beating up females in the video. The Delhi police has come under severe criticism for its role in this incident.

Tension have been already high between Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government in Delhi and Ministry of Home affairs controlled Delhi police. The Chief minister of Delhi has been asking for complete control over Delhi police from center since his reelection to the power. The video has led to major political storm in the country. The leaders have demanded a judicial enquiry.
Delhi police remains silent on the incident.


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