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“AAM AADMI’ In Search OF Flat

It’s that time of the year when Arvind Kejriwal is search of new house after taking oath as the new Chief Minister of Delhi on February 14,2015.


arvind kejriwal family
arvind kejriwal family

Foreseeing that his choice of residence will once again become fodder for controversy when he moves into a house in Delhi from his current residence in Ghaziabad, Kejriwal preempted his critics during his oath ceremony at Ramlila Maidan on 14 February.


“Watch, in three days, it will be said that Kejriwal has gone into a big house. A great man once told me, wherever a person reaches, he should not forget his standing. I know my standing. I am a very small man. In my house today, there are four or five rooms. Wherever I go, why will I need more than four or five rooms? But I will need space for an office or how will a Chief Minister work? Everyday, you will all come to meet me, so will I not need space for 400-500 people? So will only take that much space, that house, will not take a bigger house, don’t worry,” he said.


So it is that the CM is now looking for a small 3-4 bedroom house with a lawn where he can meet people who call on him. According to a report in the Hindustan Times, Kejriwal

wants to live in his own constituency (New Delhi) and is looking for a house in one of the government colonies in the area.


In his previous term, the hunt for a house for Arvind Kejriwal made headlines for days. Last year he was allocated a Central government owned duplex to live in and an identical one next door for a camp office — which he rejected  after his critics wondered why he needed  bungalows on Bhagwan Das Road after saying that the AAP ministers would do away with the VIP culture. Each of the two duplex flats had five bedrooms and a lawn. Together, the total built-up area would have been at least 6,000 sq feet with 9,000 sq feet ground coverage.


Over the next few weeks, lot of ink will be spilled on the new residences of the CM and his party leaders.

After all, this is mango ‘Aam Aadmi’ governing Delhi for now.


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