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5 videos from Yemen which can give you ‘Goosebumps’



Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Palestine, Yemen is a home of violence and instability threatening to spin entirely out-of-control.

In January, Houthi forces ousted US-backed Ab-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s regime. They took over the presidential palace.

We all are aware about Indians being evacuated, after the India External Affairs Ministry, issued warning which was followed by Indian Navy and Indian Air-Force conducting joint operations to get back Indians safely, back to India.

The continuous violence going in Yemen has made life miserable of the citizens and we bring you five videos which may give you goose bumps, once you watch them!

  1. UAE releases video footage of the airstrikes carried out by them in Yemen
  1. This video is an attempt by a singer in Yemen- The audio of the video is in Arabic, but the visuals and the message of those visulas goes on talking about humanity and freedom.
  1. These video talks about Saudi Arabia warning Yemen- The video shows people rescuing each other after 150 people were recently killed after attacks by Houthis and Al-Qaeda
  1. This is a documentary on the hardships people are facing in Yemen-
  1. The last video is a documentary trailer by a brave women Journalist who has made a documentary on- ‘The Rise of Houthis’ in Yemen.

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