Wedding Anniversary Themes And Ideas For Couples

Everyone wants to do something special on their wedding anniversary to reaffirm their love. But what special we can do is the question which is toughest to answer. There are countless wedding anniversary themes you can use to jazz up the party. But what really matter is the thought you put behind it and be creative. Here are exciting new wedding anniversary themes and ideas you can organize and share with your partner. Make it memorable and enjoyable!

Theme party with world food flavors

If your partner is foodie and loves eating every corner of food around the world, this theme is best for you!  You can enjoy the flavors right at the home or a restaurant, depending upon your choice. It can be Parisian soirée, Italian extravaganza, Mexican fiesta, a Chinese food, Indian flavors and what not! Also you can include delicious beer and a sumptuous buffet complete with sauerkraut soft pretzels, and bratwursts!

Even you can include what you ate on your first date as a special food in your menu. For desert, serve ice cream cones!

Source: Olive Magazine

Theme with Specific Attire

Your wedding anniversary theme can be fun and interesting if attire is perfectly organized. You can include some kind of accessory with the dress your guest will be wearing. It may be using a bullfighter red cape or mantilla combs or traditional fans.

Even you can completely go for the selection of a whole attire. For instance, you can ask guests to come in full Hawaiian style for a Hawaiian Luau. Or Black And White party where your guests will be wearing combination of both colors only. Costume party with favorite cartoon characters or from sci-fi films is also a good option.

Theme Location Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Book any restaurant or hall with a great style that matches along with your wedding anniversary ideas. If you are going for lavish and rich lifestyle, then mirrored banquet hall or museum hall offers you the best with lots of sparkle and glitz.

Apart from restaurant and hall, you can have a terrace with a swimming pool theme for your wedding anniversary. Or a wonderful haunted house will be much more fun!

And if you want to make it very special and be alone with your partner, then revisit the same place where you first met. Try to remember what you talked about, bring back the old memories that made you fall in love. If that place is not available, then you can be at a place where you had first official date.

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Here are some other locations you may consider:

  • Hotel Green areas
  • Beaches and beach clubs
  • Botanical gardens
  • Vineyards
  • Backyards and lawns


wedding anniversary themes

Source: Pixabay

Wedding Anniversary Games And Activities With Theme Gifts

According to your wedding anniversary theme or location, you can also include some fun and romantic games to make it special. You can have volleyball or limbo dancing for a beach celebration.

A treasure hunt game is also a good idea where you can include some items that tells the couple’s story. This will definitely make it more interesting. The winner will get a gift according to the theme party that makes it more exciting.

Truth and dare, traditional dancing, game of musical chairs, laying bingo with a twist never goes out of fashion. On a camping get together, singing is the best option. With no doubt, it makes the surrounding fill be love, romance and fun.

Combine ideas and feel free to experiment whether you are planning a wedding anniversary for a couple you love the most or for your own. Have fun with theme and games to make it more romantic and special.

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