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Top Five bizarre food bans around the world



Top Five bizarre food bans around the world.


Have you ever been denied a food just because it is banned? Yes you heard it right, when it comes to food ban, some food are banned in some countries and not in another. The plethora of reasons is diverse and unique.

Here are five bizarre foods banned by the Government around the world:

  1. Samosa:  

    Samosa ban

The popular Indian snack has been banned by the Somalia’s extremist Al-Shabaab group, reportedly after ruling that the popular snack is ‘offensive’ and resembles Christian holy trinity.

  1. Ketchup :

    Ketchup ban


The French government announced  that ketchup will no longer be allowed in any school or university cafeteria in an effort to promote healthy eating, as well as protect the country’s distinguished gallic cuisine from vanishing.

  1. Kinder eggs:

    Kinder eggs Banned_ In_USA

Kinder Eggs, a popular chocolate egg that contains a toy inside, is banned into the United States because it has been deemed as “non-nutritive” for children.


  1. Chewing gum:    

    Chewing gum

Sale of chewing gum is illegal in Singapore since authorities in 1992 noticed an abundant amount of chewed gum being stuck in subway stations and on cars.


  1. Kebab:



In order to safeguard their own culture and reduce the popularity of ethnic cuisines, “kebab” was kicked out of Italian cities.