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Top 6 dangerous and weirdest restaurants across the world

Ritika Mishra



Get ready to have drooling eyes and accept some bizarre realities as we bring it for you the pool of top 6 dangerous and weirdest restaurants across the world! Thinking that it would take a big troll on your pocket? Do not worry;for you get to enjoy these thrilling dining experiences for enough money. These unique restaurants not only require you to buy/ pay for your food (which of course, if not, would end you up doing chores for the restaurant :P) but demands you to earn for it dictating you to conquer your fear of heights or claustrophobia.

Much boring knowledge shared? Let’s go to these restaurants, oops, I mean through the article. 😀

  1. Brussels- Based Dinner in the Sky 

Brussels- Based Dinner in the Sky

Brussels- Based Dinner in the Sky

Ever dreamt of eating your food on the flying Aladdin magic carpet? Yes, you are getting it right. This restaurant gives you a flying munching food experience! Dinner in the sky (Belgium) is an aerial 22 seats dinner table raised 180 feet into the air (with 200 ton crane) offering the diners 360-degree floating view of the world around them. You can book the entire seats for a party for an hour and the package will delight you with the photographer to document your exciting experience.

Dinner in the sky (Belgium)

Most important thing, there’s no bathroom up there. So be thoughtful enough to go beforehand and not ruin the fun for people around you by making them lower the table down.


  1. The Huashan Teahouse in China

People enjoy tea and taking a trek. But are you onefrom the heroiccategory to climb up all the way to Mt. Huashan, Huayin (China) for a cup of tea?



Initially a Taoist temple, the way to reach up this mountain based restaurant is really long and exhausting. First, the visitors are taken by tram to the track –

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

So here is your tea! Not so easily. The wholeterror begins now..A tiptoe walk on the haphazardly nailed wooden planks holding the measly chain taking care of your life, and yes, don’t expect to be harnessed! 😀

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

But the creator of this teahouse was kind enough to dig holes for climbers. That could help you save yourself from death.

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

Thinking to get your hands on tea?Relax because now you have to climb up the world’s steepest staircase. Ohh, hunting for some protection, the tiny looking things besides staircase are the fences which could give you a bit sigh of relief.

the huashan tea house in china

the huashan tea house in china

Finally, you have EARNED your tea! We hope it’s a damn good one.

  1. Dining in the Dark,Unsicht-Bar in Germany

Dining in the Dark,Unsicht-Bar in Germany

Dining in the Dark,Unsicht-Bar in Germany

Give a break to your eyes and put your faith on other senses to enjoy your food. Choose your menu in a fine-lit lobby in this Bar and get ready to be blind as the waiter takes you in the pitch black dining room. Obviously, you can’t see anything but don’t worry your food will be pre-chopped and pitch-black friendly arranged clockwise for you to know where each item is placed. Did I also tell you that the waiters here are visually handicapped and blind?

  1. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Up in the air around a tree in the middle of the forest, this pod structured restaurant in New Zealand is surely a dream destination for treehouse lovers. Though there is an ascending pathway making your way to this ten meters restaurant suspended from the ground, the rings around the giant tree holds the restaurant and guests floating in the air and dropping to the ground. Definitely not meant for the weakhearted people.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

  1. Alcatraz ER in Tokyo

How crazy combination it would be where a restaurant is pooled with the concepts of prison and hospital? Usually grumpy nurses and crappy food, right? But this is surely not the scenario in the Tokyo’s Alcatraz ER – prison and hospital based restaurant.



If you don’t know or are confused of your blood type then bemindfulbefore going to this restaurant, as to enter this place you will have to start by informing the nurses your blood type.Sounds weird? 😛



Elevatingthe level of this weirdness, a nurse then slaps handcuffs on you, gives you a shot in the rear [ ofcourse pretends 😉 ] and leads you to your table. By the way, a jail cell is your dinner table here.

jail cell is your dinner table

This bizarreness doesn’t ends here. It indeed starts with the menu. If you ever fancied eating food shaped like a detached penis, (you heard it right) or try cocktails with false teeth in them, then hey you have landed at the perfect place! 😀

photo 4

  1. Finland’s Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant


Icilyoscillating amid 23 & 28 degreeFahrenheit all the time, the Laino Snow Village Ice restaurantin Finland is sure to leave you imagining about hot tubs and saunas in no time.


The whole restaurant is made of ice or snow with frozen chairs, tables and walls. Don’t forget to be dressed in anything less than a snow suit.


With the menu, the restaurant also keeps changing with the time. This is because this restaurant is constructedfrom the milled up ice and fresh snow each winter and melts into vacuity in each spring when weather warms up in Finland. Practically, the restaurant serves cold meal as it is difficult to keep food warm at this site.

So which ones would you love to visit? 🙂

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