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Top 10 Coolest Wearable Technologies for Women

It’s 2020, so let’s live in the future in a broader sense. Do you wear gadgets daily? What things do you use that help you with everyday tasks? Do you prefer all-tech equipment, or are you a retrograde?

Yes, current technology can be overwhelming, tricky, weird, underdeveloped, but we like it in all manifestations. New AirPods were criticized because of their controversial helpfulness and questionable comfort but look at Apple now, thriving and selling millions of those gadgets to busy citizens of megacities and rural music lovers.

Technology changes us all exponentially with years. So instead of monitoring things that are already hyped up and overpriced, why not pinpointing the best deal before it’s too hard to purchase them. How? Here is a list of interesting and random goodies you can buy your girlfriend on a special occasion.


  1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker
  2. Mighty Vibe Spotify Music Player
  3. Xiaomi Mijia Ardor 3D Stereoscopic Hot Compress Eye Mask
  4. Ringly Smart Notification Ring
  5. Everpurse
  6. Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker
  7. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless
  8. Withings Activite
  9. Nannopad



  1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker

Health trackers are in need when you go on long walks and jogs, want to track your sleep patterns, your heartbeat, and overall explore your body more. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker is oriented on active women who like to do some sports, but in the meantime, don’t want to hide a tracker if they on the meeting wearing casual clothes. The main disadvantage of all trackers is that their design is uncompromised. You can either choose comfort and the ability to track down your vegetative processes, or good looks. Well, that is not the case anymore because, with this little devil, you will look fabulous and know so much more about your current state. Moreover, this product is strongly oriented on the female market, enabling you to track your menstrual cycle, pregnancy count days, and can be styled in several ways depending on the mood and occasion.

Bellabeat tracker looks like a pendant made of wood. It’s also water-resistant. It comes in two colors, rose gold and silver. You can style the tracker as a brooch, a necklace, or a bracelet using a stainless steel clip. Batteries that come with the device will last up to 6 months.

Pros: The gadget is for all women. It will be very useful for future mothers. With it, you can track physical activity, stress level, calorie consumption, and sleep. It will remind you of the need for physical activity with a light vibration signal. It monitors your state during sleep and sends all the data to the application, which you can later view and evaluate the quality of sleep. Gently wake up in the most suitable phase. If your stress level rises, you can use it to find emotional balance: Bellabeat Leaf will tell you relaxing breathing exercises. With it, you can track your menstrual periods and maintain a fertility calendar.

Cons: the device has no physical interface, so you can’t scroll down the menu as you would normally do while using a usual tracker.

  1. Mighty Vibe Spotify Music Player

Let’s get back to the times when small MP3 players were a thing and we were glamorously listening to a Fergie album. This device kind of reenacts a concept from the past, but now it has a whole different level of control. Have you ever been annoyed with how hard it is to jog with a phone in your pocket? Sometimes it can get too weird and slippery, and you don’t want to smash the screen or unlock the phone just to switch the track? The solution is a Mighty Vibe Player which gives you the freedom to log into your Spotify account and reach the playlist you want without your phone in the pocket. This small player is paired with Bluetooth headphones, so now you can listen to music and be on the go, run, jump, doing any activity without the fear of losing your device. It goes with a clip that secures the player to your clothes, and a standard jack to recharge or plugin analog headphones.

Pros: this gadget is small and has all the essential commands, such as volume control, playback, skipping the unwanted track, or shuffle mode.

Cons: for this gadget, you will need a Spotify Premium subscription which is $10 a month, so if you don’t have to pay a premium fee, there is no way you can use this gadget.

  1. Xiaomi Mijia Ardor 3D Stereoscopic Hot Compress Eye Mask

That’s one long name! What to do after the first date, you ask? Of course, you need some good sleep and relaxation! If you want to make your girl the happiest in the world, help her care about her tender eyes after a working day in the office. Let her take a royal nap and relax muscle tension. Our eyes get so red and irritated throughout the day, it’s ridiculous why we don’t do eye massage daily. But with this mask, you won’t have to.

Xiaomi’s new mask will be handy for those who just can’t get a good and healthy sleep. The company released a new gadget to improve the quality of sleep. The device looks like an eye mask, similar to those we use on a plane. It blocks 90% of the light and weighs only 50 grams. It is made of a composite substitute of linen, and the front part is made of a highly elastic sponge, which can be removed and washed. The new device helps you with falling asleep and waking up. How does it do the job? There are three electrodes built into the mask that capture brain waves. The collected data is analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms to select the appropriate music. The volume gradually tones down and turns off when a person falls asleep, and in the morning increases, taking into account the data collected by the mask during sleep. Thus, it’s like a normal alarm clock, but less stressful.

Pros: the mask creates an amazing sensation on your eyelids. Your eyes will be rested as if you attended a spa day.

Cons: you still have to wake up for work, not for a spa day.

  1. Ringly Smart Notification Ring

Who said that the tracker needs to be ugly? Again, if you don’t need an Apple Watch and want to give your girlfriend something creative, it’s a great opportunity to impress her on a Valentine’s Day with such an extravagant piece of jewelry.

Ringly Smart Ring will notify you promptly of incoming calls, messages, emails, and activity in applications with four different types of vibration and a miniature light indicator. With the versatile Ringly app, you won’t miss any notifications from other apps. Ringly is decorated with lapis lazuli, it’s waterproof and provides accurate information about activities, the number of steps and calories burned. Set and change goals and keep track of progress with Ringly rewards. The kit includes a charging station that looks like a jewelry box and a micro-USB cable. The battery holds a charge for 2-3 days after a single charge.

Pros: This ring has 18k gold plating and looks like real jewelry. It is also compatible with iPhone 5 and any newer version, as well as Android (4.3 and newer versions).

Cons: it is plasticky, prone to fingerprint smudges, and is relatively expensive.

  1. Everpurse

The American brand Everpurse offers all glamorous ladies a new accessory for the iPhone – a handbag that will charge their phone right in the pocket! Everpurse bag has a battery that is capable of two full charges. You just need to put the phone in the pocket of your bag when you don’t need it.

Pros: This certainly amazing accessory spares girls from tangled wires, absent chargers, and also serves as a protective case for the device. Due to the wireless charging system, the battery of the bag is powered by a hidden charging station in a pocket, so it’s enough to place your device into the pocket and leave it there for a while to recharge.

Cons: You need to charge your purse quite often. In general, there are many options for portable chargers for the iPhone, but almost all of them look dull and bleak. Everpurse is certainly revolutionary, but for a quick charge, you’ll still need to go for a trusty portable battery charger.

  1. Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker

Stelle Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker is a perfect bag for parties where music is essential. This portable audio system allows you to have a party anywhere while looking fabulous and bling-tastic! The speaker connects to any music player using Bluetooth or a standard audio jack. One battery charge is enough for 15 hours of continuous music-listening sessions. Also, the clutch is equipped with a microphone for communication, a pocket, and even a mirror! You could perfectly appear with the usual speaker to an event. But why doing this if you can be fashionably late and stunt with a somewhat peculiar, but cool device?

Pros: not only does it look fabulous and is a great speaker, but it also has storage for small stuff! The clutch speaker has a pouch for all your essentials, like a lip-gloss or a pad, and can be charged with any USB device.

Cons: the clutch is too small to fit in any iPhone that is bigger than the 6th edition.

  1. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Back to the trackers. We already established that phones are inconvenient during your training. But what about earphones? Yeah, Airpods are great, but can they track your activity? Well, this baby can!

A company called Jabra has released a headset that combines the functions of a fitness tracker, Sport Pulse Wireless. They will especially appeal to a market of sports fans who can’t go on with their routine without motivational music. To be honest, this is not just an average wireless headset with good sound that does not fall out of your ear during a pushup. It’s also a reliable fitness tracker that will tell you that when your heart rate reaches its maximum and it’s time to take a break. It will also remind you when the exercise is completed. This tracker can also report data of the heart rate or even hint that your heartbeat is at a critical rate and it’s REALLY time to stop. The gadget measures all the data from the inner ear using an optical heart rate sensor and a gyroscope. So while you are running on a treadmill, it basically makes whole research in your ear.

Pros: these earphones sit snug in your ear, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. They do the job of tracking your heartbeat perfectly.

Cons: in some cases of active use, these earphones need to be maintained or replaced, not the most durable choice.

  1. Withings Activite

A fitness tracker is made to take care of your health, but it’s rarely meant to be flattering, especially when you go to a social event where you have to look presentable. For such purposes, a company called Withings Activite has created a tracker that can’t be distinguished from an expensive wristwatch.

Pros: Not only does it have a stunning face, a high-quality leather strap, and sapphire glass, like in “rich” watches, it also tracks information about your physical condition.

Cons: $450 is expensive for a tracker watch, even such a fancy one.

  1. Nannopad

Let’s talk about health. If you want to help your girl out, you can facilitate her cramp days when she feels the most vulnerable. Nannopad is an amazing invention because it combines the role of a usual pad that handles heavy flows. But it also can ease her cramps by helping with circulation. It’s also made of pure cotton, which is very hygienic and breathable. It makes a good environment-friendly substitute for a sad pad. Goodbye, painful periods! Yes, technology has come THAT far.

Pros: it’s just a pad with nanoparticles. Supercool.

Cons: It costs $7 for pantyliners, which is slightly more expensive than usual pads.


Livia has considered one of the best gadgets made to combat cramps and made every woman’s life easier. Just attach a sticker to a pelvic are where you’re sensing most pain. Clip the pulser to your pants to let it control your cramps. What’s cool about Livia is that you can manage the intensity of impulses depending on how bad it hurts.

Pros: the results of a survey show that Livia does relieve period cramps pain. It’s also drug-free which means no medications. This gadget seems to work almost immediately on the contrary to pills.

Cons: the battery doesn’t hold a charge for that long.


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