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6 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Your Health

Nidhi Singh Chauhan



sleeping positions

6 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Your Health

Have you ever tried to find out the importance of various sleeping positions? Every sleeping position has its pros and cons added to it. How you sleep at night can affect the systematic health of individuals. Each one of us should know how to sleep well from a healthy body point of view.

The correct sleeping position might help you in getting rid of various health problems. For instance, lying on your back with your arms at your side is considered the best sleeping position for your health.

This position is great for your back and neck and also it keeps your internal organs aligned. But, this has an added disadvantage as sleeping on your back may lead to more snoring in some people.
Let’s take a look at common sleeping positions and their- side effects.

Sleeping on your stomach:

Many people prefer sleeping on their stomach when they are suffering from lower back pain. This is the unhealthiest position to sleep in, even though many find themselves comfortable in this position.

It is worst for your spine as there is no support for your spine and one can hardly breathe easily in this position. Also, you end up adjusting your face in one direction or the other for the whole night. With restricted movement of body organs, your abdomen space feels extreme pressure.

If you select to sleep on your stomach then make sure you have a right pillow –‘A Thin Pillow’ which will put less strain on your neck and back.

Sleeping on the sides:

Sleeping on your side is best suited to those suffering from back or hip pain since this position reduces pain in these areas.
However, there are many variations of sleeping on your side. For people suffering with shoulder pain, side sleeping should be avoided on the affected side.

While lying on your left side can cause pressure on the organs situated on the left side of your body particularly lungs, stomach and liver. On the contrary, right-side sleepers might face a problem of really bad heartburn.
For many women sleeping on the side can cause face wrinkles and sagging breasts due to restricted blood flow in their body.

Sleeping on your back:

Sleeping on your back is considered the ideal sleeping position because you allow your spine to rest with its natural structure in place. It allows your internal organs to expand and relax but on the other hand you may find trouble in breathing while you are sleeping.

If you snore then sleeping on your back may worsen the problem so better switch to side- sleeping. Sleeping on your back is only considered safe if you’ve got a thick pillow under your head. Using too many pillows may lead to obstructed breathing.

While looking on the beauty aspect involved with this sleeping position, the ladies can spend all night with the face out in the natural air. Also, they don’t need to smash their face in their pillow, leading to fewer facial wrinkles.

Fetal position:

Fetal position is described when you are lying on your side with both arms parallel to your legs and torso. It’s considered as one of the worst position to sleep in with your knees pulled up and chin tilted down. This curvy position restricts deep breathing and increase up your chances for chronic pain and neck pain.

As a result, some of you will feel pain in the morning, so better try to straighten out your body a bit and reduce curling of your body. However, it has some benefits for those who snore a lot. As far as pillow is concerned, try to select a Plump pillow to lay your head on.

Starfish Position:

Besides being the least popular position, Starfish position is good for your back and prevents facial wrinkles. While sleeping on your back with both arms around the pillow can also result in snoring. Also, keeping your arms up for the whole night can cause pain to your shoulders alongside pressure on the nerves.

Side Position with arms out:

Lying on your side with both arms out in front of the body can also be known as ‘the Yearner position’. While this position may be good for your spine, but then again an added disadvantage is that it can cause additional pressure on the shoulders and arms, leading to discomfort.

It can cause pain and restrict blood flow, thus causing unnecessary pressure on your arms. So people who sleep in this position should try switching their position during the night or else it will restrict the blood circulation in their body parts. Also, try to support your body with a pillow and go for a mattress which offers proper support to your body.
When you experience pain support that particular body part with a pillow and if you are a side-sleeper then place it between your knees.


Sleeping Positions

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