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Most Expensive Divorces By Now : Check The Jaw Dropping Settlement Amounts



expensive divorces
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Marriages do not happen on the basis of money you earn but when they break you have to pay a good price for it.  You must be wondering what it costs a person who is getting divorced. Well, some expensive divorces just broke all the records of money orientation and called out to be the most expensive divorces of them all!

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and his wife MacKenzie Bezos are divorced and nobody knows the exact settlement value. Jezz is the owner of $137Billion Dollars and he is the richest person in the world. This divorce settlement is the highest settlement ever. But there are many settlements which amazed everyone in the past. These are enlisted below.

  1. Mel Gibson and Robyn Moor: Actor Mel Gebson and Robyn Moore divorced in 2006 and their settlement is the largest divorce pay-out of the Hollywood. He paid $425 Million to her. It is said that the money was almost half of the net worth of the actor.
  2. Craig and Wendy McCaw: In 1997 pioneer of cell phone business Craig McCaw and newspaper Publisher Wandy McCaw divorced. Their settlement amount was $460 Million.
  3. Natalia Potanina and Vlandimir Potatnin: The settlement amount for their divorce was $7.5 Billion.
  4. Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Wildenstein: Alec was the French American businessman and art dealer and he divorced his wife of 21 years, Jocelyn in 1999. An estimated amount for their divorce settlement was $3.8Billion. It is about $5.7 Billion in today’s currency.
  5. Steve Wynn and Elaine: This couple is the most interesting couple on this list. They were married to each other twice, from 1963 to 1986 and from 1991 to 2010. In 2010, they divorced with a huge amount of $1 Billion as a settlement.
  6. Dmitry Rybolovlev and Elena Rybolovlev: Elena and Russian Businessman Dmitry divorced in 2014 and Elena walked away from this marriage with the whopping amount of $604 million.
  7. Rupert Murdoch and Anna Torv: This couple had a marriage of 31 years with three children. After the settlement of $1.7 Billion, both of them married to Wendi Deng and Willian Mann respectively.

The list is very long but we mentioned a few settlements with jaw-dropping amounts. Marriages surely cost nothing but love but divorce does.


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Dealing With Friendship Conflicts: Friendship Breakups



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Sometimes, having a close friendship can feel as close as family. However, similar to the family, maintaining the relationships takes work and commitment. By doing things together, making memories, spending time with each other, supporting each other, and reciprocating each other, you can surely build a lifelong friendship. When it comes to our physical and mental health, friendship is truly the best medicine for a person. A study showed that having strong social networks and having great friends may lengthen survival in elderly men and women, with best friends being even more likely to increase longevity than close family members.


Why Are Friends So Important?

In our Indian Society, people tend to place more emphasis on romantic relationships. We think that just finding that right person, be it a boy or a girl, will make you happy and fulfilled but research shows that friends are actually even more important to our psychological welfare than having a life partner. In my opinion, friends bring more happiness into our lives than virtually anything else.

Good friends relieve mental stress, provide you comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation when you feel it. Lack of good social connection may lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Friends are even tied to longevity.

But close friendships don’t just happen easily, many of us struggle to meet people and develop quality connections with them ( If you have one, never lose that person ever in your life). Whatever be your age or the circumstances, it’s never late to make new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and greatly improve your social life, emotional health, and overall well-being. Go out, find people with common interests, spend time with people, I believe you will surely find that one person.

What Makes A Friendship Break Up?

It can happen that a few times, something in life can cause you to lose friends, and you can’t do anything about it. Circumstances like having new friends, moving far, new family obligations (think marriage/kids), or maybe even work-related issues that can cause you to socialize less often with your friends.

Another reason why you might break up with your friend is unresolved conflicts between you and your friend. One of you did something and refused to apologize Or maybe you just disagree on whose fault it is. Sometimes, it’s plain jealousy between friends or the feeling of getting less priority and time from each other, is that you start to have less and less in common. You both feel less and less of a drive to hang out or take another person and their efforts for granted.

There is sometimes a difference between how much “space” you both need in the friendship and how much the other person wants from you. If they’re too different, it can be tough to maintain that friendship. One friend might want to share a lot of activities and maybe share all their secrets, while the other one wants to be less involved with that person.


For Better Friendships, Try To Be A Better Friend Yourself

Friendships take time to form and even more, it takes a lot of time to deepen, so you should always nurture that new connection and try to maintain it, as differences come in every relationship but it depends on how you tackle with it. If you try to avoid it or just don’t take it seriously, you are surely going to lose the friendship soon. Try to understand the other person and their expectations and even if you can’t fulfill it, you can always make that person understand it rather than doing nothing.

Treat your friend or actually everyone just as you want them to treat you. Be reliable, thoughtful, trustworthy, and willing to share yourself and your time with each other. Always listen to and support your friend just as you want them to listen to and support you whenever you need them.

Understand that you’re both unique individuals so your friendship probably won’t develop exactly as you expect to, no one is perfect and every friend will make mistakes but you should learn to forget and forgive. According to me, no friendship develops smoothly so when there’s a bump in the road, try to find a way from the side to overcome the problem and move on. It will often deepen the bond between both of you.

Deal With Friendship Conflicts, It’s Worth The Temporary Pain

Managing conflicts in a friendship is a vital skill that everyone should have because it’s the best of friendships that are likely to hit a bump in the road as I said previously. If you don’t resolve the conflict, you might lose that very dear friend.

Whether it’s between you and someone else, or even if between two of your friends, try and resolve conflicts without too much judgment, it is the best thing to do. The key to that is to take each person’s perspective into consideration, that’s very important. Each person needs to share how they see the conflict, from their own place rather than just listening to another person.

Once everyone shares their own perspective, each one can at least see some validity in their friends’ grievance. You should always “get” why the other person did what they did.

After that, you want each person to see that the other person didn’t intentionally hurt them, you need them to see how the friendship is more important than that one incident for the conflict. That’s how they see the bigger picture, apologize to each other and move on mutually.

I hope and also know that everyone has that one special and the most important person in their life and having distances can hurt both of you. In the end, I would say that always try to maintain the relationships and even if you don’t feel responsible for the problems, have temporary pain and try to apologize because in the long term you will always regret the decision to be apart and miss each other and that pain will surely be more painful.

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Happy Chocolate Day 2019 – Best wishes, quotes , Images



Happy Chocolate Day 
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As we all are in the month of February, called a month of love & romance and Valentines week. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14, February every year. According to the history of Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine of Rome before his execution wrote a letter to the blind daughter of his judge and signed as ‘ Your Valentine’ as a farewell.

Happy Chocolate Day 

This is a culture of Christians but now celebrated in every country not only couples but friends, colleagues, siblings, and parents with their children also celebrate it. It’s like a festival among Youths. In every country, we can see it’s effect and love.

Not only Valentine’s Day but also the whole month celebrated as a romantic month and it’s celebrated worldwide in every religion. Couples offer their love by gifting greeting cards, flowers, heart-shaped decorated items, stuffed toys, teddy bears, chocolates, etc and shower their love by taking their partners on romantic dates, attending parties, watched movies, traveling, long drives, etc.

But before coming to 14 February, Valentine’s Day week celebrated started from 7 February followed as

7th February as Rose Day

8th February as Propose Day

9th February as Chocolate Day

10th February as Teddy day

11th February as Promise Day

12th February as Kiss Day

13th February as Hug Day and finally

14th February as Valentine’s Day

Today’s 9th February Chocolate Day, it’s a day of sweets, couples share their love informs of sweets to spread sweetness in their relation and remove sour from their bond of love. Offering chocolates is a good way to express their love or even in a form to say sorry. Even children’s give chocolate to their friends to make their bond of friendship strong and celebrate it like any other festival. Chocolate can melt any angered person heart.

Happy Chocolate Day 

Someone says it’s true

“After a bar of Chocolate

                                              one can forgive anybody”

Even Chocolate is very good for health, it’s very nutritious, improve blood flow or lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Heart Disease risk, improve Brain Function and good for skin. Presenting Chocolates is also a symbol to wish for a person or partner good health.





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11 Romantic Movies you Must Watch with your Girlfriend



romantic movies
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Are you crazy in love? And do you want to spice up your romantic moments with your girlfriend? Then plan to watch romantic movies with your girlfriend. There are many romantic films have anticipated love so flawlessly that they will influence you to become hopelessly captivated by your loved one once more.

In this article, we have incorporated many Best romantic movies that you can watch with her, and have a fabulous time together.

Top 11 Best Romantic Movies List

  1. The notebook

This is one of the films you will definitely watch again and again with your girlfriend and still not feel tired. The story is set in the 1940s where a young boy falls in love with a rich girl. After some time they will be isolated because of their social dissimilarities. At the end of the movie what happens? Just watch this movie!

  1. Rehna Hain Tere Dil Mein

This one is an ageless romantic tale. A man loves crazily with an already engaged woman and mimics to be her life partner whom she has never met. The lady discovers reality later however at that point; she is in love with him also. Watch this romantic movie with your girlfriend to view the amazing climax

  1. Love Aaj Kal

Two sweethearts separate after they understand that their career goals are different and important. Distance makes them become fonder of their love and they will realize that they couldn’t live their life separately.

  1. P.S. I Love You

In light of the top-rated novel by Cecilia Ahern, the story centers on Gerry and Holly. Gerry was Holly’s closest companion, spouse, the perfect partner, and sweetheart, yet he experienced Brain Tumor and he passed away. It was troublesome for Holly, however, she survived with the assistance of letters. Letters which were composed by Gerry for her. He needed her to carry on with the existence without any second thoughts and pain. He encouraged her and kept her in place by things he wrote in letters. The severe truth was that he died, yet the letters made him everlasting. Discover how could she survive her troublesome time by the assistance of letters and feel their bond of everlasting love.

  1. The Valentine’s Day

The list of romantic movies won’t is completed without the movie ‘Valentines day’. The story rotates around the love life of a few couples and singles, and the end results for them on a specific Valentine’s Day. This film is very amazing and each romantic story of each couple gives a wonderful message that isn’t anything but difficult to forget.

  1. 50 First Dates

50 First Dates is a warm yet entertaining romantic tale. It is about a man who falls for a young girl who is suffering from short-term memory loss issue. She remembers only the days prior to her accident and she cannot memorize anything further than that day.In this way, this person tries to charm her each and every day prays that she experiences passionate feelings for him for that day and above all, he adores her with no conditions.

  1. Before Sunrise

This film’s story revolves around taking risks and using opportunities whichever comes in life. While watching the film, you’ll begin to look all starry-eyed at the characters and the marvelous plot. It weights on self-revelation and appreciating your accomplice’s conversation regardless of what circumstance you’re stuck in.

  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

You never get bored while watching this movie. It’s to a great degree interesting, light and it demonstrates that love has no limits. In the event that you are a strong couple, nobody can ever divide your bond. No matter whatever situation may take place.

  1. TheProposal

This film is to a great degree sweet and sentimental. This is a tale of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds who have different characters.Yet with their disparities in feelings, they will teach each other about life and situations convey them near each other.

  1. Housekeeper in Manhattan

Jennifer Lopez isn’t just a stunning artist, yet additionally one capable on-screen character. This film is one of the best proofs for every lover! It’s a lighthearted comedy film and we suggest that each young girl who has fallen in love with someone should watch it. It will show her to realize love, regard her esteems and trust in luck!

  1. One Day

In light of a novel by David Nicholls, the story rotates around Dexter and Emma, alumni of University of Edinburgh, who spent a night together. They chose to remain deep-rooted companions and went separate ways. The story tails them by dropping in just a single day in a year, i.e July 15. They both experience different phases of disappointments and success and their destiny figured out how to join them consistently on one day. Watch this excellent and romantic film in which couples fall in love with each other

We should understand that the greater part of these stories is unreliable. Try not to confer the oversight of contrasting your love life and these films as each romantic tale is extraordinary, novel and flawless yet you should watch these Best romantic movies to be propelled by the fire of love and to be illuminated with the magnanimous commitment required to strengthen your relationship. Each movie in the above list very engaging and excellent that it will influence your girl to fall in love with you once more


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