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How To Prevent Product Pilling?

If you have found your way to this article and have no idea what we are talking about. Congrats, you are going to learn something new today. What we are talking about is called ‘Product Pilling’. Well, both the words individually are very familiar to us but when we combine the two it is quite confusing. Let us take you through this one by one.

You ask what is it? Before we answer that, look at the second word ‘pilling’. You have seen your clothes and sheets pilling and we know it’s annoying. But what if the same thing happens to your face? Yes, that is exactly what product pilling is. You must have now hundreds of thoughts going in your head but before you panic let us tell you that most of us have been through this. It’s just that we now know what is it actually called.

Thinking about how it might occur? Since it goes by the name Product Pilling it isn’t something permanent on your skin rather a temporary effect of a product. However, you cannot solely blame a product for it. There are many other reasons as well such as not layering your skincare  in the correct order, applying a product that has an extremely thick consistency, dead skin cells on your skin etc.


Yes, we do know that your first reaction to this would be ‘Is that what you call it’ and the second ‘Please give us a solution for it’. Don’t be shocked but we heard you and if you want to avoid this pilling on your face this is what you can do:

1.) Laying down the right base:

One of the major reasons why you are suffering from product pilling is because you are not applying the skincare products in the correct order. Skincare is no science but it is not a cakewalk as well. You should know what you have to apply and when. To make it easy for you to remember the lighter products such as toner, essence goes first and then the heavy ones such as facial oil, moisturiser etc. If you apply a heavy-duty moisturiser as a first step it won’t be able to absorb in your skin and just sit on top of it making it to pile. Also, remember to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week so the product can make its way into your skin.

2.) Choosing the correct makeup products:

You must have heard that the key to flawless looking makeup is good skin. Well, that is exactly why we discussed the skincare part and then makeup. When you are buying makeup products make sure that the products don’t contain ingredients that would just sit on your face, for example, silicone. There are many silicone-based products in the market such as primers which cause this effect. Hence, what you can do is look for other alternatives which do not have such ingredients or you can go for organic products. There are various organic makeup brands available in the Indian market as well such as Ruby`s Organics. Organic products, however, have amazing benefits and advantages so it is a win-win situation for you.


Product pilling can seem to be a serious issue at first but being a little informed about what you are slapping on your face and how you do it can make a world of a difference. Try incorporating these simple steps in your routine and your skin will thank you later.


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