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5 Yoga Poses to strengthen your Spine

Everyone knows that practicing yoga regularly will carry medical advantages and numerous individuals depend on yoga to cure their musculoskeletal conditions. With the variety of  Yoga Poses, you can get a greater level of flexibility and strength.

Especially yoga is a genuine incentive to our body, specifically the spine. If you committed to yoga in a perfect way with complete focus, then you can strengthen your spine and muscles. Before we move into the yoga poses, its required to know the essential anatomical features of the spine.

Structure of our spine

Our spine is comprised of four locales: thoracic (upper back), cervical (neck), and the sacrococcygeal (sacrum), lumbar (bring down back). Every locale has its own curve and vertebrae.

The cervical spine is the most movable piece of your spine, as it has a huge movement and overstretching is common here. Since the cervical spine is the most adjustable piece of the spine, it is liable to the most injured. In this manner, it is basic to not over-turn or over-twist this zone.

The thoracic spine comprises of 12 vertebrae, and they join to the ribs, which secure your heart. This is the slightest versatile piece of the spine, so it is sheltered and most valuable to move this zone as much as you can, which is trying since the vertebrae are connected to bone.

The lumbar spine of the neck is also extremely versatile. It is comprised of the lower five vertebrae and it is a region where yogis lean to dump their body weight, regularly prompting lower back issues later on.

Now we have learned about the anatomy of our spine.So let’s move on to Yoga and how it is helpful in strengthening our spine

Role of Yoga poses on preparing healthy spine

So when we think about every one of these complexities of the spine, we can see that any preparation or yoga rehearses must place awesome importance on keeping the numerous components that make up the spine, solid. This encourages us to feel physically well enabling us to be livelier and more sociable, therefore expanding our courage. Furthermore, a healthy back indicates that our  Root Chakra (Muladhara) is well balanced, which is one of our seven energy centers assuring us kind of stableness.So we should  keep our backs healthy  which is vital to good health

The best method to keep up the fitness of the back and spine is to accomplish vigorous and balanced movements. This can be achieved through a regular yoga practice that incorporates postures that stretch, extend, rotate, side bend and support the spine and its encompassing muscles and connective tissue.

Best yoga poses for a healthy spine

The following yoga poses will enable you to keep up the health of your spine by making a solid and balanced movement structures

  1. Parivrtta Trikonasana

Parivrtta Trikonasana-yoga poses

Parivrtta Trikonasana Yoga Poses is also known as Revolved Triangle. Step the feet roughly one meter separated and put the hands on the hip bones. Hand the left foot over forty-five degrees to one side and the right foot out to the correct ninety degrees.

Adjust the right foot with the left foot. Turn the middle and hips to the right surface and expand the spine to the front until the upper body is equivalent to the floor. Get the left hand down to the shin or onto a yoga piece (situated against your inward right foot).

Expand the right arm up and turn the torso so the right shoulder heaps over the left shoulder. Keep the jaw in accordance with the sternum. Hold for five breaths and repeat on the opposite side.


This asana turns the spine firmly, particularly the center spine. As there is a component of balancing in this pose, the spinal stabilizers are additionally reinforced as they work to help the spine.

  1. Ardha Chandrasana

yoga poses

Ardha chandrasana also was known as the crescent moon. You must stand in Tadasana (Mountain) and get the arms up overhead, join the fingers and expand the main finger. Tuck the pelvis under somewhat and drop the shoulders down far from the ears. The jaw is level to the floor. Keep the legs solid and extend the whole body upwards. As you breathe out, twist sideways while keeping up the lift through the spine, particularly in the lower back zone. Hold for five breaths and repeat on the opposite side.


This position energizes a lateral flexion of the spine. This asana will be helpful to keep solid mobility of the center spine and rib confine and it’s encompassing connective tissue specifically.

  1. yoga poses


Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra pose. Put face down with the legs together and put the hands either side of the chest with the arms squeezed against the rib lock up. Press the highest points of the feet into the floor to endorse the legs and gluteal muscles. Gently press into the hands and lift the head, chest, and shoulders from the ground.  Push the shoulders down far from the ears and keep the jaw-level to the floor. Hold for five breaths.


This yoga posture extends and expands the spine, expanding the two its strength and flexibility. Cobra is additionally useful for the digestive functions it applies slight weight to the belly and back rubs the inside organs.

  1. Rolling Down

rolling down yoga poses

This is an extraordinary warm up asana for the spine. Just you should Stand with the feet hip size distance separately and equivalent to each other. Curve the knees marginally, gently get the muscular strength and tuck the pelvis under a bit.

Enable the neck to totally relax so the jaw drops to the chest and begin to move down through the spine gradually with the arms totally casual. At the point when the hands are about knee tallness (or lower if your body permits it), begin to move down to standing, keeping the knees somewhat bowed. A representation that may help you with this movement is to envision you are un-stacking the spine, and the restocking it as you move go down.

Repeat this asana for 3 times


This gentle movement activates the spine, specifically the thoracic spine. It likewise extends the muscles of the back, particularly the spinal extensors, and the hamstrings. Rolling the spine along these lines likewise enhances body and postural mindfulness and is a rationally calming movement

  1. Utkanasana

yoga poses

Utkanasana Yoga Poses is also known as chair pose. From Tadasana with the feet together, breathe out and twist the knees so you are in a bent posture. In the meantime clear the arms upwards so they are in accordance with the ears. The hands must have been positioned shoulder size distance separately. Press the thighs together and extend the spine by keeping the chest lifted and the jaw parallels to the ground and draw the shoulders down far from the ears. Hold for five breaths.


The asana urges the spine to expand explicitly as is an incredible fortifying posture for the whole back region. This impact is expanded by bringing the arms up in this posture which energizes the muscles of the back need to work much more forcefully. The muscles of the stomach region are additionally filled in as they contract to balance out the middle.

Above mentioned Yoga poses are planned to prevent back pain. It is not proposed for the people who already have back pain

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