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Weight Management ” : MAINTAIN, DON’T GAIN” diet to control weight

Weight Management: Underweight……overweight …..Obesity?? Eating too much and not physically active at all you may be having a higher risk of certain health problems. Achieving a healthy body goal can help you control cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level of your body. This also helps in preventing many diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and some cancers.

As we all know that weight loss is not just about diet programs but adopting the highly healthy lifestyle. By adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyle one can manage his/her body weight. One must burn or use those calories what they eat.

Strategies of weight Management might include the following:

 Being physically active
 Eating smaller portions
 Drinking water instead of sugary drinks
 Choosing low fat food
 Track your intake
 Avoid bottom heavy diets
 Ride out cravings
 Calories count

No diet approach to control weight is to avoid:

 Processed food
 Sugar-laden foods
 White bread and pasta
 Foods with the high percentage of calories
 Alcohol
By replacing some unwise food habits with healthy ones help you to control weight. This includes a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

To reach this level one must do the following things:

 Get up early for 30 min walk
 60 min walk on weekends
 Cycling
 swimming

To lose weight even faster-following tips may be useful:

 Eat soluble fiber
 Drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily
 Eat high protein breakfast
 Drink green tea
 Eat your food slowly
 Avoid sugary drinks
 Eat whole and unprocessed food
 Walking
 Brisk walking
 Running
 Jogging
 Practicing Yoga

Assessing weight:

 Body Mass Index
 Waist circumference

Health risk:
 Hypertension
 Bad cholesterol( high LDL cholesterol)
 Low HDL cholesterol( good cholesterol)
 High blood glucose
 Family history
 Physical inactivity
 Smoking
 High triglycerides

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