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Scientifically Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Nowadays there are a lot of diets and a lot of information on ways which a person can follow to lose weight. However, there is no guarantee that those ways and diets can actually help lose weight. Which is why the FDA labels many diets as fad diets, like the HCG diet which is a strict 500 calorie diet only.

However, there are ways through which you can lose weight. These ways have been scientifically researched upon and it has been proven that following those ways can help lose weight.

A high protein diet is known to be very helpful in boosting metabolism. A high protein dirt is also known to make you feel full for longer periods. Even eating something like eggs for breakfast or at anytime can keep you full for the rest of the day.


  • Eating Whole Foods

Whole foods are known to be very filling. Which is why consuming them can keep a check on the amount of calories you consume without exceeding the limit. Eating whole foods help you cut down on the consumption of added sugar and refined foods. Plus, whole foods are known to provide your body with the nutrition it needs. The weight loss happens as a natural ‘side effect’ of consuming whole foods.

  • Avoiding Processed Foods

Processed foods are made in such a way with components that are highly addictive. Which is why people may find themselves attracted more towards processed foods instead of natural vegetables and fruits or whole foods.

  • Limiting Added Sugar

While the sugar in fruits is healthy because of the fibers and minerals contained in the fruit, added sugar on the other hand is very harmful. Added sugar, because it is processed quickly, makes people want to eat more. Their hunger does not quite diminish, instead it increases. This causes people to eat more. Plus, eating more sugar means that more fructose will need to be processed by the liver. If the body is already full and has enough energy reserves, the liver will process the fructose into fat which it will store into the body.

Many people also tend to follow diets and take pills which have little to no benefits when trying to lose weight. CLA pills (safflower oil) are one of those pills which are promoted for their great benefits in reducing belly fat. CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. CLA pills are made by altering the fat found in safflower oil. Although CLA is also naturally found in vegetable oil or grass fed meat. Weight loss from CLA pills has been noticed however the research and studies done on its effects are underwhelming and not so supportive. Yes, CLA pills may help to lose fat but there are no visible effects. The waist circumference often remains the same when people use CLA pills to try to lose belly fat. What’s worse is that CLA pills have also been linked to cause insulin resistance ,inflammation , upset stomach and increased liver fat.

Follow natural ways instead of fad diets and supplements to lose weight.

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