Best Intermittent Fasting: Benefits and its Results, skipping meals is good

Do you skip food overtime….! People often believe that skipping a meal may cause you to starve making you physically weak and languid. But is that true?? In recent days, people adopt an intermittent fasting strategy is an easy and convenient approach towards losing weight, attaining proper metabolism and expanding their life span.

What is Intermittent fasting benefits and its Results

Intermittent fasting has shown a better result when compared to a calorie-restricted diet. Switch on to starvation mode, drop in metabolism during a calorie-restricted diet can be prevented by opting intermittent fasting.

All you have to do is maintaining a proper pattern of eating and fast for a specific period. putting you at ease, intermittent fasting comes with many plans.

Which strategy suits you the best?

16/8 fasting: eat in 8 hours of the day and fast for 16 hours including all night till noon. it may sound scary to fast 16 hours but fast don’t literally mean to go hungry but can consume non-caloric food and beverages. To make it simple, have your dinner as last meal and fast till lunch by skipping breakfast. This method is called  “lean gains protocol” by fitness expert Martin Berkhan. You can add 2-3 meals in the 8 hours eating window. It is the most popular approach to weight loss.

Best Intermittent Fasting diet plan

 7 AM  Wake up  Black coffee

(Medium cup)

9 AM Hydrate yourself Mineral Water
1-2 PM  Snack Salads
5-6 PM  Meals A lot of calories
8-9 PM Snack  Non-caloric drink before bed

5:2 diet: it is a kind of calorie-restricted diet termed as a fast diet, popularised by British journalist Michael Mosley. Eat normally for 5 days and restrict your calorie intake for the rest of two days. The ideal calorie restriction advisable for women and men is 500 and 600 respectively. Confused about what to eat for 500 calories to figure it out here’s a plan!!

Breakfast Low caloric fruit with yogurt 48 calories
Lunch Bowl of vegetable soup 105 calories
Dinner Meal 283 calories
Snacks Half a curly wurly 57.5 calories

Fast day by day:  alternate fasting help you lose your weight rapidly. All you need to do is have a regular meal one day and say no to a meal the next day. It may prove hard for epicure individuals cause fasting for 24 hours isn’t a piece of cake. But can enjoy noncaloric drinks like green tea, black tea, hint essence water, in short, any natural drink with no added sugar but no solid food is allowed. This method is popularised by fitness expert Brad Pilon. If you’re doing this for weight loss then eat normally during the eating window as you eat without fast.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Eat normally Fast

(Noncaloric drinks allowed)

Eat normally Fast

(Noncaloric drinks allowed)

Eat normally Fast

(Noncaloric drinks allowed)

Eat normally


Eat-fast-eat: make a chain of eating fast eat and again repeat the same one to two times a week. Say for a month your schedule will be eat-fast-eat-eat-fast-eat-eat.  Skip your meal for entirely one day i.e.24 hours from dinner to dinner or lunch to lunch and eat a healthy meal in the next day. It may found easy in the beginning few hours but 24 hours fast is something big so better to initiate it with 14-16 hours fast and progress gradually. Since it seems extreme it is not advisable for beginners. The calorie intake of 500 is allowed in some cases.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Eat healthily Fast


Eat healthily Eat


Fast Eat healthily  Fast

Day-fast and night-feast: if you feel it a herculean task to stay 24 hours without a meal but want to lose weight simultaneously, then this strategy is going to accommodate you. Generally, it is well known under the title “warrior diet” u have just to eat a small portion of food containing raw fruits and veggies in the daytime and end up having a big meal at night.

Breakfast Fruit with yogurt
Lunch Veggies soup
Snack Salad
Dinner Huge meal


Random fasting: following all the regular schedules may be tougher and boring too…. we can gain the benefits even without following a scheduled pattern. we can skip meals randomly whenever you are not really hungry or you may be busy enough to cook, traveling somewhere and didn’t find anything to eat, just go without a meal. Our body doesn’t starve by just skipping meals it already had saved fuel to use the number of the skipped meal is in proportion to the pounds of weight you lose. Consider the ratio of meals you had and meals u skipped to reap the real benefit out of it.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast Fast Breakfast Breakfast Fast Breakfast Fast
Lunch Lunch Lunch Fast Lunch Fast Lunch
Fast Dinner Fast Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner


Tips to make your intermittent fasting successful Results:

  • Intermittent fasting is a time-consuming process and needs your complete dedication. Don’t indulge in some other methods for weight loss. Don’t give up soon, give some time to your body to adapt to the change. Adhere to the diet.
  • At the beginning of fasting, you may feel lethargic and energy less and crave for food. Try some source of energy like noncaloric beverages to curb your cravings.
  • While breaking you’re fast don’t binge on eating. Keep a check on the amount of food your body needs than overeating.
  • Consume protein-rich food and low fat and carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Prefer beverages like water, lime water, coffee, coconut water to keep yourself hydrated. Say no to soda and carbonated drinks with added sugars.
  • Just your on fast doesn’t mean you don’t need workout. Exercise is compulsory.


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