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29-year-old Mumbai IT engineer gets chest infection after hookah smoking

Smoking causes cancer, everyone is aware of this line. Smoking took lives of a lot of people. But a shocking incident took place in Mumbai; an engineering student got chest pain and was admitted to the hospital because of smoking Hookah. Pleasure and enjoyment turned into pain and shattered his life for many days.

He was smoking Hookah for last two months which brought him to this condition of chest pain. Doctors are giving many reasons behind this incident which might scare you and also stop you from smoking Hookah if you are a regular Hookah smoker.

Shocking story- The boy from Mumbai was 29 years of age and was an IT engineer. He was smoking Hookah which he had bought from Singapore for the last two months with a magic coal which burns immediately. The magic coals take very less time to burn and this is because of the presence of a chemical in them. After smoking this Hookah with magic coal for two months, the engineer was hospitalized due to breathlessness and also got a severe chest infection.

Assumptions of the doctors which made the condition severe for the 29-year-old man- Doctors are giving their best to require this 29-year-old man from a chest infection which was acquired by him due to smoking of Hookah at home. There is a Pulmonologist Dr. Arvind Kate from Zen Hospital situated in Chembur stated that the patient is a frequent Hookah smoker who purchased a Hookah from Singapore and also brought magic coal so that he can smoke it at home.

However after smoking that for two months the patient was hospitalized due to breathlessness. A CT scan of the patient’s chest was done which showed white patches on the lungs that are the indication of chest infection according to the doctors which were due to unknown bacteria. Dr. Kate also said that the patient was continuously given antifungal and antibacterial medicines for about two weeks and the patient was kept under observation but was soon discharged from the Hospital and was asked not to smoke.

The Reason behind the disease caused by magic coal- The charcoal which has been used to make the magic coal is covered with a hazardous potential chemical which was added for making the ignition process faster.

This is frequently used by youngsters and regular smoker as this coal burns easily than the normal coal. According to the oncologist many harmful gases are released when the magic coal is burn which can cause serious problems for the patients having Asthma.

It is also said the Hookah, magic coal, flavors and many other smoking materials contain 28 substances that can cause cancer; the substances include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, benzopyrene, and other 3000 harmful chemicals. Carbon Monoxide is released even when there is no use of tobacco by the burning of charcoal which is highly poisonous. It is filtered by water but still, it is said to be carcinogenic.

Hookah which is famous among the youngsters can cause a serious problem no one has ever thought about it. So it’s better that you stay healthy and fit and avoid all these stuff for your better future.

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